Process vs. Product – Can you Cure…… ?

Everyday I receive an email like this: Can you cure “such and such”?

Yesterday the question came from an old patient who’s son had hurt his tailbone in an athletic event….. this is something that would respond very well to acupuncture, homeopathy and Chinese herbs.

The day before, the question was from a pregnant patient who was experiencing severe morning sickness.

And the day before that the question came from a woman with ovarian cysts.

My answer is as follows: The healing will depend on 5 factors:

1. The length of time you have had that problem

2. The severity and history of the problem

3. Your overall level of health

4. Your genetics

5. How willing you are to follow my instructions

Process vs. Product: Holistic health is often mistaken for a cure type of therapy. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Double blind studies mean nothing when it comes to holistic health. It’s not like giving a pill or getting surgery in Western medicine

Holistic health is an on-going process. It depends on too many factors to be 100% predictable. That said, why would Kaiser, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, United, the Veteran’s Administration, and every other insurance company be reimbursing me for acupuncture treatments if it didn’t work?

But you don’t see it paying for homeopathy and supplements? Why is that? Because the big drug industry controls our health care system. And there is just not as much money to be made by taking nutritional supplements and homeopathy as there is in taking a drug or getting a surgical procedure.

The drug industry funds the medical schools and this is why doctors are not taught much about holistic health.

It’s changing as you, the consumer, demand a more holistic approach. In my 35 years of practice I’ve seen many changes, believe me!

Hoistic methods almost always work, and are very effective, especially when they are combined with the appropriate Western medical diagnostic procedures and treatment approaches. Yes, using them together is the key to healing!

But unless you are willing to stick with it, and follow my directions, you probably won’t get the results you are wanting. So be persistent. This will work for you.

Please read my book which discusses this process. Here is the link:

I look forward to seeing you in the office or on email or Skype.

Remember, skype, phone and email appointments are available for those of you who can’t get into the office.

In Love,

Dr Randy Martin, OMD, CCH
Doctor of Chinese Medicine
Certified Classical Homeoapth

What Can You Cure?
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