Sometimes using classical and constitutional homeopathy and at other times using homeopathy to treat acute health problems, Dr. Martin’s homeopathic approach will help to initiate a deep level of healing within your body, mind, and spirit. Homeopathic remedies are made from extremely small amounts of either plant, mineral or animal substances and will catalyze your immune system to help you heal yourself. Classical and constitutional homeopathy are Dr. Martin’s love in life and his specialty.

Classical Homeopathy
The most effective, deepest acting treatment; uses minuscule amounts of plant, animal or mineral substances to stimulate the body to heal itself; the prescription is based on a complete evaluation of all physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual patterns in an individual. In Classical Homeopathy, we use the emotional symptoms to point us in thedirection of where to treat the imbalance in the body. Symptoms become metaphors, or symbols, for where imbalances are, either emotionally or spiritually. For example, asthma might be used as an indication of some long-standing unresolved grief or loss; urinary tract infections, a symbol of suppressed anger or resentment; low back pain could be a sign of fear or feelings of being overwhelmed, etc.
Your physical symptoms will all eventually be cured using Classical Homeopathy, but as a part of the process, you will also feel much better and happier emotionally. This type of treatment will take from six months to two or more years. Training to become a Classical Homeopath takes many years of study and is highly specialized. Most good Classical Homeopaths study for at least five years before getting good results. Few homeopaths have the patience to dedicate their lives to this type of intensive in-depth study and discipline.

Constitutional Homeopathy
Similar to Classical Homeopathy, but in some homeopathic circles, this term is used to describe a method where only one, single remedy is used throughout one’s lifetime.
In reality, each person has many constitutional layers and requires many remedies in their life. Constitutional Homeopaths use only one dose of one remedy. In reality, as we evolve, we often need to move from one remedy to the next, (even though in some cases, we may need to stay on only one remedy for a number of years,) and may need to take the remedy on a daily basis.

Acute Homeopathy
In acute homeopathic prescribing, we don’t place an emphasis on the emotional factors involved in disease; rather, we directly treat, and place our emphasis on removing the physical symptoms as quickly as possible. We do, however, look at the causal factor, which in many cases does include an emotional component. For instance, did the cold or flu begin from the emotional stress of a broken relationship, when out in a cold, rain or wind or was the cause from lack of sleep and reduced resistance to infection?
Is the constipation caused from a difficulty in letting go, a craving for meat or from not drinking enough water. Acute homeopathy will treat every physical symptom known to man, and treat it quite effectively, and in most cases very quickly. But it won’t be along-term cure as in Classical Homeopathy.

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