Bio-chemical Nutritional Analysis
This method of analysis utilizes the Health Equations Program to assess the functional status of your electrolytes and minerals. We start from a Chem Panel and CBC and then do a comprehensive analysis utilizing the basic data from your blood tests.
Body-Type Nutritional Analysis
There are many types of Body-Type Analysis. Just a few of the possibilities areYin/Yang and Five Element Analysis,Endocrine Organ Analysis and Metabolic Typing, among others.
Five Element Nutritional Analysis
This is based on the Five Element Analysis discussed above.
Yin/Yang Nutritional Analysis
This is based on assessing your balance of Yin and Yang and working with the diet to change the imbalance in Yin and Yang. If your Yin and Yang is in proper balance, it’s very hard for you to become ill. Balanced Yin and Yang is the foundation and cornerstone of balance and Optimal Health.
Vitamin & Mineral Supplementation
In our culture, most people need vitamin and mineral supplementation because very few of us eat properly. In addition, most of us operate on such a high level of stress that we need more of certain vitamins and minerals than in times past. The soil our food is grown on is also almost totally depleted of organic minerals and because of this we need to supplement our diets. Even most organic food is not as complete as in times past.
Neurotransmitter Testing
A take-home test kit allows you to obtain samples of your urine and saliva. These samples will tell the lab which of your neurotransmitters are either high or low.
The types of problems that will respond very well to this type of testing include anxiety, insomnia, ADD, ADHD, depression, fear, worry, nervous disorders, headaches, chronic pain, PMS, Irritable Bowel, Panic Attacks, Bulimia, OCD, and substance abuse.
The test results will be returned to you with a very specific list of which amino acid supplements to take to increase the neurotransmitters you are low in and to decrease the ones you are too high in.
Hormone Testing, Stool and Saliva Testing
There are an assortment of other tests, which include stool, hair testing,
blood testing, and others. These may also be useful in helping to determine where you are out of balance and which treatments will work best to put you into balance.

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