Testimonials from Dr. Martin’s Patients

Randy Just wanted you to know how great my knee and foot felt today. Had a golf match and everything was working so well. The thing I couldn’t believe is how calm I was. I truly contribute that to acupuncture! Thanks for seeing me yesterday!!
M. J., Valencia

I saw you in West LA many years ago, it might’ve been 10 years ago now. You were the best acupuncturist I ever had, and I have seen a lot of them. I am a yoga therapist and a massage therapist.

I see you work on Saturdays, I have two young children now and when I can get away on a Saturday I will be contacting you for a treatment. Just wanted to reach out and say hello. I look forward to being in your office sometime in the near future. Take a good care!
E.E., Valencia.

Last night was the first night in about 3 weeks that I didn’t have any nightmares/disturbing dreams.
Thank you so much!

Michelle, West Hollywood, Entertainment Exec.

Thank you so much! June is so much better now that I think I’m just going to keep doing what we’ve been doing, the dietary changes seem to be working and it’s very nice to have our girl back! 🙂 All your advice and our conversations led us in the right direction, I can’t thank you enough.

Lindsay B, Palmdale, CA

I just want to thank you for your help. i’ve been off the mood stabilizer meds and taking those 4 natural medicines from the lab you recommended since last saturday…and this is the first time i feel normal again mentally and emotionally in years. you truly are amazing! i cannot thank you enough.

T.S., Canoga Park, Singer, Songwriter

Dr. Martin,
I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how much better my neck is since my appointment on Saturday. The pain and stiffness are incredibly improved, especially in the morning. Truthfully I haven’t felt this good in months and I’m looking forward to my next treatment.
Thank you!


I really appreciate you. If it wasn’t for you, I would still be sick. Thank you.

J.R. Professor, Pierce College

I have really appreciated your help in the last 2 years and am so thankful that the treatments really helped my migraines and anxiety.

A. T. , Executive, Disney Studio

You have to feel proud that is the First time in 9 months that my daughter F. is sick, and she recovered in 2 days! And is nothing more than a healthy diet and natural remedies. I think her pediatrician is missing her so much LOL!
MI, Valencia

Dr. Martin,
Thank you for your quick reply and thorough answers, this was very helpful and makes a lot of sense. Long story short, the treatment seems to be working and you’ve really helped. Thank you –
Have a nice evening,
John T., Valencia

Hi Dr. Randy,
As a needle phobic, I was freaked out over acupuncture and actually left other offices without trying. When i came to you, you were so knowledgeable and comforting and I tried it . Only 1 session and haven’t have migraines in 4 months. Only took 1 session to stop the shooting pain in my leg/foot. I do feel like the acupuncture unblocks stagnant energy which then flows normally so my body can heal itself. Thank you.
Merryl S.

Hi Dr Randy
I must start by saying WOW! This is the first time in about six years that I have been without neck pain, I can move my head from side to side and up and down, it is also nice to be walking around not feeling like a clenched fist all of the time!
A.L., Valencia

With just 1 session, you relieved headaches, another 1 session, you stopped electrical pain in my foot and another 1 session, you made the pain in my hand go away, when I thought it may be broken and was in pain for a week. I was afraid of needles when I first came and now I feel such a release of healing energy that it (acupuncture) is my first method of treatment.
MS, Encino, CA

Many years ago, I began having a lot of health issues. I was in severe pain to the point that I couldn’t turn my head. I began having painful bladder issues. My hemoglobin dropped so low that I was sent immediately to the hospital. They discovered that I had hemalytic anemia. All of this was new to me. The doctors gave me a diagnosis of undifferentiated connective tissue disease. They put me on drugs, drugs and more drugs to try to control the pain. I was taking pain pills, anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants while continuing to work and be a single parent. They also put me on steroids and a cancer drug for the possibility of Lupus.

The doctors couldn’t give me any encouragement and I finally was told that I had fibromyalgia and would eventually be permanently disabled. That wasn’t an acceptable answer for me. After I finished crying buckets, I determined to find a way to lead a normal life with this disease. My parents encouraged me to try holistic medicine which was the only thing I hadn’t tried yet. We got three referrals for holistic doctors and out of those three, Dr. Martin was the only one we could get a hold of and agreed to squeeze me into his busy schedule. We really felt that this was divine guidance.

My goals were to make my pain better, cure my IBS, sleep better and get off of the many drugs I was on. Dr. Martin helped me to conquer all of those areas with great success. I was able to begin functioning again, sleeping, not having to stop at every bathroom across the valley and begin weaning off of the drugs. It took time but I went from my family and I thinking I was at death’s door to becoming a capable adult able to contribute to my job, my community and my son. My family always talks about how Dr. Martin literally saved my life. Thank you Dr. Martin!!
Joyce C, Granada Hills, CA

Class Testimonials
Great Acupressure Class – very organized, moved directly through but not too quickly. Practical, experiential at the end and was very beneficial and it felt great on the muscles. I would love to see more classes with this instructor.

Great Class – very informative. I like how the class topics flowed. Simple acupressure points I can do at home!

Great Course and Instructor — Very thorough and detailed. I appreciated the handout and demonstration. I would love for another class to follow up and/or build on this one. P>Excellent Class – I learned a great deal of information!

Hello Dr.Martin,

Thank you for the treatment you prescribed. It helped me to take my panic attacks under control.

Yana N.

I wanted to thank you for the detox treatment you prescribed. I am on day four and I feel like I have a spring to my step. My sleep is slowly becoming more consistent.

A.A., San Diego, College Professor

The treatment for my digestion must have kicked in big time. I’ve lost 10 lbs. since the middle of December. 🙂

MR, IT Expert, Camarillo, CA

Thank you so much for this article. It makes sooooo much sense. I have a friend who is a gifted Medical Intuitive, and she agreed with your statement 100%.

AM, Los Angeles, CA

It’s remarkable how much better I feel. Even today, so much better. Thank you!

Gwen E.

We should thank God for the few real doctors like you and pray that ” Randy “‘s would be in the majority rather than minority… Thank you.

F.M., Landscaper

I love you, Randy ! Thank you for your directness and all that you give to your patients! Thank you for all the healing you have facilitated in my life. You were the first practitioner I worked with that gave me hope and served as the catalyst for me creating my own path to vibrant health and a happy spirit. I loved every one of those visits that began in 1999, several times per month, if not weekly, for about two years—acupuncture, homeopathy (you are a complete intuitive genius), herbs and nutrition. You really get me, with all my idiosyncracies! I’ve been on a “maintenanc” schedule for some time now. But, I want to make it part of my new vision for 2012 to give my body, mind and spirit more love and support with acupuncture and consults with you for what promises to be a very fruitful and satisfying New Year! Shalom, namaste, love and blessings,

LC, Social Worker, Santa Monica

I got the remedy you recommended, Sepia, from Hahnemann Labs and took my first dose Tuesday night. The most interesting change after that was that the grief and sadness that I’ve been walking around with almost all the time for the past month simply disappeared sometime the following morning. I did reach a point of emotional closure with my boyfriend that morning as well.

LS, Banker, Encino, Accountant

Wow! Masterful email Randy …what a gift you are to this planet. Thank you for all that you do!

-RD, Gifted Instructor of Breathwork and Tantra

Just want to thank you for your recent emails and for sharing valuable information with me, but most of all want to thank you for the two sessions of acupuncture that I got from you last year, thank God! and thank you I got well and ready to go back to work.

R. T., IT, Inglewood

You gave my son a homeopathic remedy for peeing in bed at night. After the first dose, he has not urinated in bed since. Another homeopathic miracle! Thanks….
TN, Legal Assist., Encino, CA

Thank you Dr Martin for taking my back pain away! I had lower back pain that was gradually becoming worse and more frequent. After the first visit of acupuncture the pain is completely gone! It’s been a week and no back pain–nothing! This was my first time with acupuncture and it didn’t even hurt. I look forward to next week! Thank you for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and skill to heal
Sandy K, Valencia

The acupuncture on my face made it look sooo young the next day. It seemed brighter and more hydrated. Thanks!
MH, Bodyworker

Amazing!!!!!! Her warts are going away!!!! The one on her eye is completely gone. The others are flattening out and fading!
SP, Irvine

Dr. Martin, I was having the hardest time sleeping, and after acupuncture, I finally got some Zzzzzz! Thanks.
Jasmine Z, Professional Dancer, LA

Thank you for organizing and conducting the meditation sessions. Last night’s seemed particularly soothing. We greatly enjoyed and benefited from the class. Thanks again for a very relaxing class and we look forward to attending again…
AE, Santa Clarita

Dr, i have to thank you for all that you have done for my family. When we arrived to USA i felt lost with the medical service that have a different approach as i was used to, they treated us as a bill number no as a patient. You have change our lifes in so many ways to keep us healthy , happy and sane. I don’t feel fears about what i am doing with my girls and that i will leave a possitive imfluence in their lifes. Even when people gets mad and skeptikal of what i am doing, i know that Is the best decision ever made.
MI, Valencia

Just want to say it never ceases to amaze me. Belladonna 30C worked! Within the hour the fever was gone. She ate, got ready for bed like any normal day. Thanks.
DA, Devoted Mom in San Diego

Amazing! She woke up this morning as if she had nothing. The fever was completely gone and she was in a great mood. It took two doses of Aconite to get rid of fever and her sleep was restless, but this morning she is very happy.
DA, San Diego

Magic! After I got home last night, all the pain was gone for the rest of the evening. It’s back just a little today, but very manageable. 🙂
-M.R., IT, Ventura, CA

Thank you so much for the acupuncture session, feels like pain decreased by 85%. It was fun working with you. And you are also a good dancer!
-Y.M., Dance Instructor, LA, CA

This is Marie, I came to see you Wednesday for my tennis elbow. I played golf today and, boy, it was so much better. I felt almost no pain. I recommended the treatment to my husband and he’d like to come see you.
M.O., Santa Monica

I’ve been going for treatment for years! I highly recommend his friendly and professional service. Various locations, helps.

Mari L, Van Nuys

The treatment that you gave me on Tuesday, was again amazing! Just so relaxing and I slept so well too.

GD, Office Manager, Tarzana

I first found Dr. Martin to get help with my daughters A.D.D., since I have become a patient myself! He has been helping me to manage my anxiety and stress. I have always been impressed with the positive results of our treatments! As long as I am consistent with my follow through his treatments work! He is thorough and professional.Therefore, I highly recommend Dr. Martin for any of his services! Change your life… Make an appointment!!

Debra H, Granada Hills

I had positive reaction to your acupuncture treatments! … After my last treatment the swelling in my left ankle (which is what I’ve been seeing you for) went down and has NOT returned, at least not nearly as bad as it has been for the last 16 months. The severe pain has also subsided leaving me, only, uncomfortable but not usually in pain. I can’t tell you how THRILLED I am. I need more sessions. …I TRULY appreciate your willingness to work with my unique scheduling requirements.

MK, Planetary Traveler

I wanted to update you on Serena’s behavior. I gave her one dose of Chamomilla 1M on Thursday night and she was an angel the next day. She was so sweet and did not have a tantrum all day and no issues going to sleep. Thank you so much. Really appreciate it….

FS, Insurance Agent, Valencia

I wanted to say that after I had the acupuncture on the back and the front, I was able to eat for the first time since Thanksgiving without any immediate pain or pain in the bathroom. I kept saying, “wow, I feel good.” over and over again.

RM, Banker, Woodland Hills

I took magnesium phosphorica 6C – 5 pills for two weeks, last dose I took on December 22. The result is amazing – the twitching stopped in one eye after couple of days I started the remedy. Now it’s completely gone in one eye, and in another eye I still have it few times a day (stress makes it worse, I think). Please let me know if I should get more remedy to completely get rid of the twitching in another eye, or what? Thank you very much!!

E.R., MD in Soviet Union

He is doing much better with both his immunity and his tantrums, thank you so much. I am now a firm believer in holistic medicine.

S.B., Housewife, West L.A.

So, apparently you did a great job. I had the baby this morning at 5 am. Labor progressed VERY fast. Was 8 cm by the time I got to the hospital. Contractions started at 10 pm. She was out within less than 2 hours of getting to the hospital. Thanks.

ML, Santa Monica

I’ve been seeing Dr. Martin for several months now and am truly impressed with not only his medical knowledge and precise treatment, but also with his bedside manner. I must say that this man is exceptional – he takes time to get to know his patients, asks the most complex questions and approaches each patient in a holistic and respectful way. Dr. Martin doesn’t just treat symptoms, he creates an environment for health and well being for life. Thank you!

IS, Beverly Hills, Business Owner, Motivational Speaker

Dr. Martin is terrific. I would recommend him to anyone looking to explore acupuncture. I am hoping to return to him sometime soon because I really miss my sessions, which were always so healing and relaxing. He has a wonderfully soothing presence and is very knowledgeable and really listens to what is going on with you and your body.

GC, Studio City

Dr Randy has devoted his life to improving people’s health with his practice. I’ve really enjoyed his writing on a variety of subjects, and his acupuncture treatments are sensitive, caring and thorough. I would trust his advice on any health issue. It’s easy to relax in Dr. Randy’s care, his office is well-organized and peaceful. He really cares about his patients, and he is constantly learning everything he can to keep his practice at the highest level of quality.

Donald C, San Mateo

I have received acupuncture and herbal treatment from Dr. Randy Martin for general wellness and specific pain issues. I have achieved great results. His approach is gentle, homeopathic and centered. He is also an expert on women’s health issues. I have recommended him to several female friends for this reason. I always feel recharged and energized even after just 30 minutes on his table.

Margo R., Beverly Hills, Musician

I have been going to Dr. Martin for over a year and a half now for hormonal, thyroid, and PMS issues, among others, and I am exceedingly pleased. The breadth and scope of knowledge Dr. Martin has of the human body and how to take care of it is very impressive, especially when it comes to women’s issues. This is very rare to find and I count Dr. Martin as a blessing in my life. He is also a very good listener and respects your opinion. Whenever I approach him with new points or something I’ve read about, he listens intently and is open to trying new strategies. If you are curious about getting acupuncture, I strongly suggest you visit Dr. Martin, I’m sure he can help you.

Viorica B, Los Angeles, Screenwriter

Randy has been my primary doctor for over 28 years. I started when my oldest daughter, now 30, was having difficulty sleeping through the night and he successfully treated her using homeopathic remedies. He has treated all of the members of my family, including myself, my husband, 4 daughters and even the dogs. He has a wealth of knowledge at his fingertips and is very available and accessible. He has treated us for everything from colds and allergies, pain, pregnancy discomforts, acid reflux and on and on.!

Jamie B, Northridge, Artist and Educator

Dr. Martin is so great. I look for a doctor that help me with my post partum depression, but he has helping me in different spheres of my life. I changed really my life in nutrition for my whole family, get rid of drugs and have a general healthy life. After having some acupuncture, herbs and supplements with him I realized that my older girl needed to go for an appointment she was struggling with the new sister and have a very difficult time with emotions and behavior. Also she got frequently colds and sore throat but with some homeopathy medicines and Chinese herbs she was in track again with normal behavior for a 4 old year and no more colds. I’m so grateful with him!

Mirlette I, Santa Clarita, Artist and Mother

I’ve gone to Dr. Martin for Migraine headaches and PMS. He diagnosed my problem by looking at my blood tests, and also checking my pulse and tongue, according to Chinese medicine. He prescribed some Chinese herbal capsules, a homeopathic remedy, and also did about 5 acupuncture treatments. Voila – I’ve not had migraines or PMS again and it’s been 10 months now. I am really greatful to him and his staff – nice and friendly service too.:-)

Arlene D, Valencia

I had the arthroscopic knee surgery which caused nerve damage which in turn caused back, neck, and pretty much everything thing to have problems. You have helped me tremendously to get back on my feet Thank you for all you have done for me. I was a real mess when I first came to see you and I am actually riding my bike again. It is such a blessing to get a good nights sleep again also.

S.W., Sun City, CA

I also wanted to thank you for helping me with my sleep issues. I sleep through the night now,and even if I wake up, I am able to get back to sleep.

I.B., Woodland Hills

We first went to see you for our infant daughter’s constipation. Homeopathy, diet, and herbs have all made the difference for her. I had tried “everything” before seeing you and when you treated her with homeopathic Calc Carb she was able to go with no tears. She is now a happy two year old and we are so happy to have found you! Thanks Dr. Martin.

D.A., San Diego

Three weeks ago I gave Sam the second dose of the homeopathic Argentum Nitricum. Today he had the best day ever – not a single episode of crying. I can’t believe it! Thank you.

I.B., Administrator/Housewife, Tarzana

I notice since my treatments, I’m not panicking or feeling panicky anymore. When I get upset it only lasts a few minutes. It used to take me a few days to calm down after something upset me. I’m feeling so much more balanced. Thanks Dr. Martin

MR, Computer Programmer, Agoura Hills, CA

Susan is doing so well and she is so happy and the tantrums are diminishing little by little.. My husband and I are noticing a big, big change in her; it’s incredible.

F.M., Administrator, Burbank, CA

I had to tell you that I had great sleep last night. After I left your office my back felt much better and still feels much better than before I came to you. Thank you so much! I will see you next week.

M.V., Northridge, Sexyhair

I am currently doing your sugar control diet. My cravings for sugar were out of control, and I wanted to do something about it. Just after four days, I am feeling better and not craving sugar.

HT – Tarzana

The knee is TONS better today, still sore, but no longer tight/swollen. It didn’t even wake me up last night. 😀

MR, Camarillo, CA, Software Engineer

I’m happy to report that Johnathon is doing extremely well. Nothing short of a miracle! He hasn’t had a serious tantrum in days, maybe even a week.

K.S., Agoura, CA

Thank you, Dr. Martin, for healing two very painful maladies at once! This is truly a success story. I am an avid runner, soap-maker and massage therapist with 1. A painful bunion and 2. A recently injured thumb. Before meeting Dr. Randy Martin, the bunion in my foot had been emitting a constant, numbing pain for a little over a year. I’ve even had to donate a lot of my favorite shoes recently (gasp!) because of it how painful it had become. Also, about four weeks ago, I tore the ligament in my thumb by letting a heavy purse roll over it as I attempted to lift the purse onto the same-side shoulder (not smart). Before I met Dr. Martin, my thumb had started to hurt so bad that performing massage and crafting soap from large boilers had become more than a little painful. In fact, even turning a key and lifting a mug had become very painful reminders. So, just before seeing Dr. Martin, I was nearly forced out of working-out (oh no!) AND forced out of work. Then, I met with Dr. Martin for just one session, and by the end of the hour, I left without ANY pain in my bunion and thumb. Let me repeat, Dr. Randy Martin healed two deadening pains (one chronic) located in two separate areas of my body (as distant as they can be, in fact), and even on two different meridians (as I understand the energy pathways of the body). In fact, despite not having had the opportunity to run, the Dr. Martin’s healing of my thumb (which I think had accessed the lung meridian) also helped my breathing (which is normally a little tense) as well as my lungs’ capacity (which is normally something I have to consciously increase as I breathe). It’s been a few weeks now since seeing Dr. Martin and I have been able to run every night and use my thumb with ZERO pain. I’m actually back in advanced massage school and performing massage 6 days a week. Thank you thank you thank you Dr. Randy Martin!

-Tracy Brenneman

I’m writing to let you know that my son is doing really well. He seems to be responding well to the homeopathic remedy, herbs and DHA oil. His tantrums are noticeably different. He seems to be less volatile and is calming himself down much faster when he gets mad. Nothing short of amazing!

K.S., Agoura, CA

My thumb is still going strong and I’ve had zero issues with the numbing pain that I had had in my bunyon. Again, thank you! As a massage therapist and active runner, I don’t know how I would have survived one more week with a painful thumb and foot. Just that single session with you helped to get me back to my clients and in my running shoes!

T.B., Bodyworker and Runner, Hollywood, CA

About 12 years ago you helped my wife go through her twin pregnancy to full term when she had gone into potential toxemia and the other doctors were advising she might have to deliver them prematurely because she was in jeopardy. Your acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbal therapy brought her toxemia under control and she delivered 2 healthy identical twin boys. Our twins turned 12 today and we’ve always been very grateful for your healing Janet and we speak of you often. Thanks again.

FK, Westlake Village, CA

Hello Dr. Martin
So my son Bodhi has recieved his 4th treatment of the homeopathic Sulpher and his warts are gone!!!
His eczema is significantly decreased and his skin is soft.
Let me know what the next step is.
A million thank you’s!!

~R. F., Tarzana, Mom

You prescribed my 3 yr old daughter the Medorrhinum 200c for the warts. I wanted to report that they are almost all gone. I only gave her the pills once a week for two weeks. Did not give her a 3rd dose this week because they were already gone. Thanks so much for your support and help.

TB, Secretary, Woodland Hills, CA

Dr. Martin

My family and I want to wish you a Merry Christman and a New Year filled with love and joy.

We want to thank you for all the help you have given us. You have changed our lives in a positive way and make our lives more healthy and full with peace.

We send you all our prayers so your life will be filled with blessings.

MR, Artist, Santa Clarita

What you gave me to balance my menstrual cycle really helped! Everything is back on track, and I really appreciate your help. Thanks Again.

WR, Psychotherapist, Tarzana

I felt lots of pain in the sole of my right foot after the treatment today as if the pain was coming out of my body! About 20 minutes later the pain had completely disappeared and I felt SO good without that DULL sciatic pain that seems to always be there. Have a wonderful Holiday season and thank you once again for making me feel better.

M.G., Encino

The pain in my hip is completely gone — Thanks!!!

GC, Encino, CA

I was going to write you today to let you know that I’m feeling great after the last acupuncture treatment. I think that whatever you did this time did the trick. Yay!! And my tennis elbow is feeling stronger too.
Hopefully, I’ll be able to play racquetball more often than once a week now.


CB, Westwood

Just wanted to thank you and let you know that as of Sunday night/Monday morning, I am starting labor, so it looks like we will need to cancel that Wednesday appointment altogether. Please confirm the cancellation. The treatment worked!
Thank you again for everything. I will be in touch for future post partum treatments.

GT, Woodland Hills

Thank you for this great resource.
By the way, I am at the end of my cycle and happy to report that I had NO headache!!

O. S., Health Practitioner

I came to you back on Valentine’s Day 2009 to try and get my breech baby to “flip” – – it worked! Our daughter was born 5 days later! 🙂 Thank you for your help!

LH, Encino, CA

One year after coming to you I am still much better. My urinary flow is greatly improved, my erections are better, I have no pain when I urinate, and my sex drive is still greatly improved. My urination was very smelly before and that stopped completely after one month of treatment. I was ready to kill myself, the prostate and urinary pain was so bad when I first came to see you. After only 2 months the pain was almost completely gone and my urologist told me to keep doing whatever I was doing. He was impressed. Thanks Dr. Martin.

RM, Master Chef, Malibu

I’m really enjoying the acupuncture with Dr. Martin, and have started to notice some real musculoskeletal changes, along with increased body awareness. I’ve found that I can tap into the sense of calm and peace that I feel during acupuncture after the treatment when I feel stress coming on.

The most dramatic experience I had with acupuncture was when I came in with bad PMS symptoms. Dr. Martin looked at my tongue, and noted that I was having some liver problems. He expertly placed the acupuncture needles along my abdomen, along with the usual places for my knee and neck issues. After the treatment, I felt like the cloud of anger and stress was lifted off of me, and the normal emotional negativity I feel during PMS was temporarily abated. I never knew that there was something that could be done to make me feel so differently during PMS.

J.G., Editor and Writer

Just wanted to let you know my daughter SC is doing 100% better. The last time I saw you, you prescribed Argentum Nitricum 30c and changing her to soy milk.

Two things happened her appetite increased (which was great!) and her behavior got better thank you. Temper tanturms are very very few and far between.

Thank you Thank you 🙂
KB, Mom, SFV

I met Dr. Randy Martin in 2004 when I first moved to Los Angeles from NYC and was seeking an LA, Acupuncturist to help manage my migraine headaches. I am pleased to say, that I have been receiving treatment from him off and on ever since. My migraines are under control and I have sought his treatment for digestive, sleep and muscular issues. I am a very athletic person and I push my body to it’s limits. He has offered expert advice and herbal remedies along with his treatments that have helped me tremendously. He is multi-dimensional in what he has to offer his patients. He is very knowledgeable in herbs, homeopathy and women’s health issues. I have referred many people (male and female) to him and they have reported back to me with thanks because his manner, knowledge and treatment for them was successful. The biggest success story I have about Dr. Martin is his treatment of my 68 year old Mother. She was visiting me and one morning woke up with severe pain in her neck and right shoulder. She hadn’t received acupuncture before and was very nervous. Dr. Martin was able to fit her in that day and she experienced immediate results after her treatment, he also recommended a series of herbs which have since helped her tender muscles.
Thank you Dr. Martin.
Peace, Love & Organica

— Margo
Organica Records

Dr Randy Martin’s superior acupuncture skills enabled me to regain full functionality of my knee in an amazingly short time. No invasive surgery necessary! I highly recommend him!
KO, Artist, Inglewood

Today was the first day that I have not had those horrible headaches. Whatever you did worked. Thanks so very much!
RF, Artist, Inglewood

Thanks Randy-
I haven’t been back as I am doing great. No pain or issues since I saw you. Have a great 2009!
RM, West LA

Thank you for your honesty and thank you very much for taking the time to read my emails and for responding so promptly. J I appreciate it immensely.

EA, Encino

Hi Dr. Martin,
Thanks for recommending the Plus supplement. It worked for me…I’m flying through my work and have much clarity and energy. TGIF!

We just wanted to share that V… pooped last night twice, and again today without any crying or discomfort. Though we have to remind ourselves that homeopathy requires patience, my husband and I have been very happy with Victoria’s improvement since you started treating her. Just a thank you!
D.A., San Diego

I should let you know that I was on my period when i took the blood test. (yay!) Which is absolutely amazing considering it came back two days after acupuncture! Hopefully I will be bleeding regularly again.
M.G., Chatsworth

I wanted to give you an update on my 6 year old son. I was able to give him the tarentula hisp 200c on May 29th that evening. The most notable effect that we noticed was that he was not as “all over the place” and it seemed as if he calmed down quite a bit. According to grandma he is not as quick to react to hitting someone if he gets hit by accident and is not as nervous. In other words he is not as quick to react to everything.
DH, Santa Clarita

I noticed that my pulse was racing and that I was very anxious. After I started the acupuncture therapy, I immediatedly started to relax and the relaxation continued.

I actually feel more centered and calm since Saturday [acupuncture treatment]. It is the best I have felt in a while. I did not expect to feel a change for the better so soon.
JA, Valencia

Hi Dr. Martin,
Just wanted to fill you in on the WONDERFUL news!! I got 3 (yes I took 3) positive pregnancy tests this morning!! J We are over the moon!! And we couldn’t have done it w/o you!! I am completely convinced it was the acupuncture and herbs that got my body back in balance. So THANK YOU so very much.
JK, Agoura

Hi Dr. Martin. .
I just spoke to my mom and she often tells me how comfortable she has become going to your office and how warmly you treat her. I wanted to express my appreciation to you for showing such kindness and gentleness toward my mom, especially since she was initially so apprehensive about seeking treatment.

E.S., Encino

I am happy… and you are marvelous. ENT said that all is great. No infection, no swollen glands. Just some sniffles. Pulsatilla worked magically.
DM, Encino

Randy, I think you are one of the most sensitive men I know.

I wanted to say thank you again for the advice you gave me regarding my husband’s pneumonia. He is back to his old self doing very well. He lost 12 pounds during this ordeal but he could stand to lose a few…LOL!
I really appreciate the time that you took to help me.

S.O., Santa Clarita

The acupuncture was amazing. I felt high all day..yet grounded.
A.Z., Culver City

I just wanted to drop a note and share our happy news with you. As you may remember, I was coming to see you weekly throughout our IVF cycle. Well, we managed to do much better this time around and produced 15 eggs, of which 3 turned into good quality embryos and 6 weeks later we are pregnant with a singleton. We originally had 2, but one little peanut didn’t make it through:(

Anyhow, we just had our first ultrasound and he had a strong hb of 158 and looked good. So we are hopeful!

Thank you so much for all your help in making our dreams come true!

All the best!

By the way I took the spongia tosta the other day for my cold. I could feel the effects almost immediately: lump in throat that went away in 1 hr or so and within 20 min or so the sluggish, heavy, achy symptoms went away. I felt more energy as well.

AD, Social Worker

Yes, as always, the treatment was great. My head felt clearer and more organized, I was able to prioritize correctly and get the right things done! Feelings of stress and anxiety went down. Thanks!
TM, Social Worker, SFV

Dr. Martin,
Here is an update on AH, my 9 yr old son. Since taking his homeopathic remedy for behavioral problems, his OCD is 90% better, his attitude is 95% better, his defiance is 95% better, and he complains less overall. Also, the remedy helped with his recent cold and sore throat.
AH, Santa Clarita

Dr. Martin.
Just wanted to let you know that my acupuncture treatment really helped a lot. I felt completely renewed afterwards! Thank you.
TN, Encino

I just want you to know how happy I am with my results thus far. Getting your medical services are not only making, but are having a huge difference in my life:>))) I cannot thank you enough! I sincerely appreciate it.
My cravings to eat more have dissipated as well. And, my portions are getting smaller and I am getting fuller and eating less too!

I love the ponay tea, too! I’m not sure what it is doing, but Its good. It is very delicious. Moreover, I am going for longer periods of time during the day without being hungry, thinking about eating food, or needing to eat because I’m so satisfied. I think everything in my body is now working towards balance and harmony.

I have had a very balanced week. From a scale of 1 to 10, it was a 10. I had no highs or lows. Just working at balancing all of me. No extremes.

KL, West LA

Last time the flu went around, I got it. My friends were all on antibiotics and urging me to do the same. I emailed Dr. Martin and he suggested a homepathic. I tried it but remained ill, we tried another, and then another. I was ready to succumb to the peer pressure when Randy said “I’m willing to keep trying if you are.” And so we tried another homeopathic remedy. I was better in a day. And no antibiotics. THIS TIME when I got sick we got it on the first try and I was better in LESS THAN 24 HOURS! I am always grateful for the expert care and attention I get.
Thank you Dr. Martin for the years of excellent care I’ve received – it is great to know I’m in good hands, and empowering to work together for my own wellness.

It is amazing. I love homeopathy. And you.

AK – Yoga Instructor, Venice

Dr. Martin,
On Oct 8th, I gave my 8 year old son, Adam, 1 pellet of the homeopathic remedy 200c Sulphur as per your suggestion for cold like symptoms. I do believe you were right on the money with balancing his system. He woke up the next morning with no symptoms at all!
SK, Santa Clarita

After only 2 treatments of acupuncture, the pain in my neck, back and right leg have been relieved. I wasn’t sure if it would work, but I’m sold!
Also, after only 1 treatment for weight loss, I lost 2 pounds!

Thank you!
Santa Clarita, CA

Hi Randy,
I took the arnica and traumeel last night. My headache is GONE! Better than the over-the-counter drugs!!!!! I’m still coming by tonight to get more stuff from you. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! YOU’RE THE BEST!!!!! Luv-luv,
A.Y., UCLA Med. Center

Dr. Martin:
I use a homeopathic doctor for my animals, and recently, when a friend’s cat was nearly dead from urethral obstruction, homeopathy helped him regain his health and recover from multiple emergency-room visits. He is now perfectly healthy.
– Patient M. A.

The Neuro-science supps seem to be affecting mood and sleep in (+) ways….definitiely having more vivid dreams and sleeping better…mood seems calmer more euphoric, less anxious.
D.R., Santa Monica

By the way, the acupuncture you did yesterday relieved my headache quite a bit; thanks!
TM, Social Worker

It’s now been a month since I took the high dosage of the remedy for my hotflashes. I immediately started sleeping better at nights, although the hotflashes didn’t go away. After the second week, the hotflashes became less frequent. The intensity of the flashes are also reduced. Now, after a month, I still get the hot flashes, but less frequently and less intensely. My sleep is also much better.
S. P., Santa Monica

I wanted to take the the time to say “Thank You”. Your treatment during the past month has given me so much strength. Thanks for Everything!
— C. A.

“I have never liked needles. In fact, I was always so afraid of needles I considered myself a needle-phobic. But after my first acupuncture treatment I realized it was just a breeze. It was just the thought of needles that bothered me, but they were so small, I never felt anything!”
–D.R., Financial Analyst

Hi Dr. Martin. I was a patient of yours a few years ago (referred by S.H.). You helped me tremendously pre-surgery for a fibroid (I had a myomectomy). I had a healthy pregnancy immediately following and now have a beautiful 19 month old girl.

Having suffered from severe PMS for many years, I doubted that I would ever find relief. After several months of acupuncture treatments my menstrual cycles are practically symptom free and I am beginning to enjoy my life again”
–D.B., Accounting Manager

“Thank you for the support….I can barely remember how things were before we met and I started treatment…….Good sign——WOW, what a change!”
–C.D., Teacher, Homemaker

Hello Dr. Martin, I am updating you per your request. It has been a couple of weeks since I last emailed you. Since then, almost all of my son’s warts are gone! All of the tiny warts on my son’s scalp dried up and flaked off. The ones on his face and fingers have gradually flattened and smoothed out.
Thank you sooooooo much!!! You were able to do what conventional doctors could not do! Now my son doesn’t have to feel self-conscious about his warts and have people ask him what he has on his face. Thank you again. I have since referred you to a friend of mine who’s son suffers from severe eczema and food allergies. I hope she has seen you or at least made an appointment. Take care and thank you again.

S. P.

Hi, You’re fast. Thanks!
Okay on the NO to 2nd dose..but if for some reason tomorrow its bad again I will give him the second dose.
You rock.
Its nice being able to communicate with our doctor unlike other docs!
A.T., Encino

My name is D.L. and I have been a patient of Dr. Randy Martin for the last four and a half months. And I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for relief from pain or physical trauma

I have received acupuncture treatments for a variety of physical ailments, including a painful upper neck injury, three slipped discs in my lower back, soft tissue trauma to my right knee, and a sprained left ankle.
And, in each case, I have experienced immediate relief from both chronic pain and the discomfort of some recent injuries.

Each visit to Dr. Martin’s office begins when I walk through the door and come into a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Everything was done by Doctor Martin and his staff to make me feel at ease.

During the treatments, calming music was played and the lighting was subdued. Sometimes, Dr. Martin would poke his head in and see how I was doing. No one ever told me that what I was feeling was wrong or made me feel foolish for saying what was happening in my body at that time. In fact, I have always felt cared for and listened to when I was there.

I would whole heartedly recommend Dr. Randy Martin to anyone who was experiencing chronic pain or ongoing physical discomfort. He cares. He listens. He helps my body get the relief from the pain and trauma that I have been experiencing. I believe that you can benefit from Doctor Randy Martin’s many years of experience in helping people.

David Light, Author of “Goddess By Choice and Local Teacher

Dr. Martin’s Sinus Formula works great! A few days on that and the sinus¹ cleared right up. GP, Entertainment Industry

I just wanted to say thanks for being such a great doctor. I felt so much better last night and this morning. I appreciate it very much. And thanks for squeezing me into your schedule. I’ll see you soon!

G Roos

On behalf of the Education Department of Downey Regional Medical Center Hospital, I would like to extend our appreciation to you for your excellent presentation at our continuing education program on ³Optimal Wellness².

The material you presented provided the audience with a better understanding of the concepts related to holistic health and alternative medicine. The interest of the audience was held by your knowledge of the subject matter. Your presentation was also interesting and entertaining. Judging from the verbal and written evaluations, the continuing education was a great success.

Your support of our educational program is sincerely appreciated and the Education Department is very grateful to you for your willingness to participate. Thanks also for the complimentary copy of your book, ³Optimal Health². It will be in our Hospital library.

—-Maria Pablico-Holm, MSN, RN, Program Coordinator, Education Department, Downey Regional Medical Center

I go into an altered state; It¹s just so relaxing.


Dear Randy, I’m sure you don’t remember me, but, I was one of you patient many years ago (maybe l0). I visited you for about a year for migraines and got a massage from weekly for years. Anyway, I was playing with my computer and saw your profile. I always wanted to thank you and tell you how you changed my life.

We chatted often before and after my acupuncture treatments and you helped me in many areas of my life, including my headaches. I didn’t have the chance to thank you because I moved to New Orleans in response to a family emergency. As a result, I feel that I left many things in Los Angeles undone, including an appropriate thank you. Sometimes it takes time to really appreciate subtle, yet profound, changes in your life. I don’t know if it was our conversations or the wonderful treatments, but, as a result of your care, I was able to concentrate on myself. Not in a selfish way, although I’m sure some would disagree, but in a spiritual sense (for lack of another way to describe it).

Through your treatments, or kindness, or empathy, I learned to pay attention to what was going on inside of me. You provided me a chance to take stock of my life and better evaluate what I wanted and needed. I feel that our sessions helped me sort through the “noise” in my life and focus. Thank you again,

Maisy L.

I’ve not been having the bleeding between cycles like I used to since starting acupuncture. I used to be bleeding all the time.

Crystal M.

When I first came to Dr. Martin, I had never tried acupuncture before. I have suffered many different ailments throughout most of my life, and had tried every other kind of remedy possible. So he was my last hope.

Well, I was amazed with what a profound improvement I’d made, after only approximately 5 months of treatments. (Such a short time after suffering for years.) I believe Dr. Martin is a finely skilled acupuncturist, I had complete faith in his ability. I will be forever grateful and will never forget how his healing has brought me “new life!!


My CFIDS & Candidiasis: Greatly improved immunity, no longer getting sick. ‘Miraculously’ for the first time since my childhood, was able to tolerate eating sugar & caffeine for the first time!!!! (in moderation of course). No more yeast infections… No more gas or indigestion.

I had a gastric reflux which was painstaking — had extreme fullness with eating and annoying belching. Was eliminated only by acupuncture. Alleviated fatigue, increased energy. Alleviated neck and sciatic pain. Kept my hormones in ‘check’, helping to keep my oily skin, face back & chest – from breakouts and clear!!! Had frequency and pain with urgency — with my bladder and urinary tract from years of taking stimulants. Doctor testing all came out negative.

I was distraught with this problem, but by the end of treatment it had disappeard!!!


Dear Dr. Martin, Just a quick note to say that the month of July marked two years that I have been coming to you for my health and other related issues ­ actually I¹m beginning to believe that virtually all issues are related to health, and vice versa!

Anyway, I realized again recently how grateful I am for you! My health, level of productivity/creativity, and general sense of well-being have immproved so much! I continue to be surprised and inspired by your unflagging patiece, insight and experitise. I also realize that it¹s about teamwork. I am learning to take more conscious responsibility for my own choices, my experience of my body, and my life. I have a ways to go, but I just wanted to stop and say thanks for guiding me, thus far, on my journey toward health and balance.

Take good Care. Kindest Regards, Laura

You were the one person I met in LA that I found to be “true”…I believe you are true to your practice…and have entirely helped me in the past. And to this,….I am, in deed, most grateful. From Michigan, to San Francisco…to LA….I have definateley seen the change of society….but I now celebrate those that are dedicated to their belief….there have been few..and I BELIEVE that you are true….so….if nothing more….thank you for what you have taught me…I am no longer sixty seven pounds at five, five……and more than that…I know why….thanks…I am grateful and want you to know that you are a great person and have affected many people…as myself…so…when I have the dough to come back…I most definately will


Dear Dr. Martin, It is with deep gratitude that I write this. You are always extremely helpful to me.

When I felt a cold/flu coming on just days before my wedding, you stayed in almost constant contact with me, telling me what to take and when depending on my symptoms to ensure I was in perfect health for the big day. In fact, every time I start to fall ill, you recommend a regimen and while those around me suffer colds or flu symptoms often for a week or two, I generally feel it at most for a day or two, and usually not at all.

Your treatments help greatly with all my PMS symptoms, with emotional and physical balance, with aches and pains, injuries, sleeplessness, digestion, and occasional anxiety and depression. I have suffered migraines since I was a child and you helped me pinpoint the food allergy (who knew!) that was triggering them and I have not had one since. You are aware of every aliment I have ever asked you about and have a suggested treatment.

It is empowering working with you as you teach me to rely on my own intuition as well as yours, and I am much more aware now of causes of imbalances as well as how to tend to them. My husband and I even attended one of your acupressure classes and learned so much.

But the thing I am most grateful for is this: we got a new kitten 3 months ago and my beloved elder cat has not been herself since. She was biting and scratching and not coming home. I was feeling desperate when months of speaking to her vet and even a call to a cat psychic hadn’t helped. Then, in your office one day, I mentioned it to you. You immediately prescribed a homeopathic remedy, and discussed with me the best way to administer it to her as it was difficult for me to even get near her. I did as you suggested and in just hours she was almost her old self again. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have her, and a peaceful household, back again.

Thank you for your invaluable knowledge, time, experience, availability and willingness to help me and my loved ones (human and otherwise). You are a wonderful doctor and teacher and the quality of my life has been greatly improved since I have been seeing and working with you.

Sincerely, Andrea K.

Dr. Martin, I just had to say thank you.

When I came into your office on Wed., I really was not feeling well. I have not been feeling well for about a week. The sinus pressure from hay fever, in my eyes, ears and throat was depressing. After my acupuncture on Wed., and the Kali Mur homeopathic for only two days, I feel great! I had no doubts about your appropriate treatment. I just feel so much better.

Since I do not know so much about the nature of how acupuncture and homeopathy work, I guess I thought it might take a little longer to go from terrible to great. Thank you. Connie

I am currently 5 months pregnant and recently suffered from a severe headache that lasted non-stop for 6 days. I went to my health care provider who suggested I try Tylenol or Sudafed. However, I prefer not to take over-the-counter medicine or prescription drugs (even when I’m not pregnant). I went in to see Dr. Martin for acupuncture and after about 24 hours, the headache was completely gone.

I am a firm believer in alternative medicine and Dr. Martin’s treatment confirmed what I know to be true…acupuncture works!

Cindy P.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I have been seeing Dr. Martin for at least 18 years. I have much confidence in his understanding of healing. As a vegetarian at 58, I maintain good health because of the kind of treatments he has given me as I have matured from being a mother of two and gone into menopause and its effects on my system. After a few question about my emotional state he has always known how to balance my system. I have particularly appreciated his concern and follow up on his treatments. He has always showed me that he is focused on my care. His dedication and knowlege has always impressed me because he is always up to date.

This recent trip to China doesn’t surprise me. It is just Dr. Martin polishing up his skills and understanding his position of importance in health care. Thank you for your dedication.

Best wishes for a happy and successful New Year


Thank you so much! It’s all thanks to you! I don’t think I would be here without all the treatment you’ve given me! I can’t tell you how much it means!!! Will do as you instructed and keep you posted frequently. Thanks again for everything!!!

Love, Lis

Dear Randy, I took the new homeopathic on the 24th. I feel fantastic!! I have stamina and umph that I didn’t have before. Also, even though we have been going through some rough stuff with daughter (I’ll write more about that later) I have been having some beautiful breakthroughs and feel more present and alive. I’ll keep you posted.
Love, JB good, deep healings

Dear Dr. Martin, First and for most I would like to give my sincere thank you for giving me back my life.

In 2004 at the age 26, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I had constant bleeding from my colon for two years. I was in constant depression with little motivation towards life. Since coming to your practice in early January of 2006 I noticed a dramatic change. With acupuncture, supplements and my special diet I stopped bleeding. It was after one month of treatment I stopped bleeding and to this date I have been on remission.

I just recently had a colonoscopy done and the doctor noticed a huge difference and encouraged me to continue with my acupuncture and holistic approach. My energy level is high, my out look towards life is different and I¹m preparing to run another marathon this year. From my first consultation in your office I knew you had a different approach towards your patients you had me take notes during my consultation and had me keep a food diary.

Dr. Martin you have helped me become active in my road to recovery, your approach is to heal rather than cover up the problem. I feel very blessed and fortunate to have been able to come to you for help. Once again thank you for giving me a second chance towards a healthy and balanced life.

Sincerely, Karla P.

Hi Rand! Well I wanted to tell you the good news on the phone, but email will do. You did it…I’m pregnant!!!! Of course Dave and I had something to do with it. But I feel like I owe it all to your treatment. Do I still continue the homeopathic, 1 pill, nightly?

Thanks, Lis

Dear Dr. Martin, During the treatment program of my tendonitis I used one pill of the homeopathic remedy. About one week after I used the pill, for the first time in half a year I could move my thumb without pain. Thanks very much. Ruby

I came to Dr. Martin to see if he could help me with colon and vaginal spasms due to the side effects from previous surgery. The second visit stopped all spasms for five days straight, and then only reoccuring occasionally.

———Audi M

I cannot adequately put into words how much Dr. Martin’s care has improved the quality of my life. I don’t remember a time during my 30-decade plus life span, when I was not plagued with constant diarrhea, combined with flatulence. My stomach had been running, or should I say, ruining, my life, for as far back as I can recall.

When I read Dr. Martin’s newsletter column entitled “Leaky Gut Syndrome”, I was compelled to call him. Through a combination of acupuncture, dietary supplements, homeopathic remedies and reasonable dietary changes, my battle with my digestion has improved markedly.

For the first time, I feel more at peace with my stomach and with myself.

Thank you, Dr. Martin, for your expertise, caring and kindness.

Yours with gratitude, ML

Teacher Dr. Martin, I just wanted to let you know that I feel sooooooooooo much better! I actually slept last night only waking once and not waking up sick to my stomach this morning! WOW! Amazing! Thank you so much! T.C. So far, things seem to be improving…I’m much less fearful and anxious than I was before I took the homeopathic and herbs.

My husband Jeff underwent what seemed to be a couple of days of healing reaction, but is doing better now. My kids seem to be stronger healthwise–Jason is not reacting quite as badly to different foods and both Jonathan and Jason’s runny/stuffy noses have cleared up. Both have been eating really well, especially Jonathan (not normally a good eater), who has had a voracious appetite theses past few days. I’ll let you know if we come across any problems.

—–J Ho

Reading your email I think what a shame that you are so far away. I love your approach to health and I know so many people who would benefit from seeing someone with such a comprehensive knowledge as you. Including myself!

Do you remember you discovered I had Candida when I first came to you. Amongst other things. Thank you to you too. I am still continuing my journey back to Optimal Health – I am happy for my team here.

But I miss your wide and extensive and all-embracing knowledge.

All the best Su

Dr. Martin is great! His multidisciplinary teamwork approach to healthcare is empowering and healing. He uses Traditional Chinese Medicine, Classical Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Nutrition and Western diagnostic techniques like blood tests, hair analysis, etc. He listens, cares, and best of all, his treatment works. And my insurance even paid for much of the treatments.

Tanis L.

Dr. Martin, -I took 3 pills of the homeopathic on 7/12, it immediately alleviated the nausea and lack of appetite that I had been experiencing. -Since the remedy, weight and bloat has been just dropping off of me. My body hasn’t looked this lean in months, and i’m very happy with how its looking! Thanks, H.B.

Hi Dr. Martin! Thank you so much for sending herbs to help with my hair falling out. It has helped A LOT! T.N.

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