Holistic Medical Methods and Options by Dr. Randy Martin

The following options are discussed to help you decide if any holistic methods might be right for you, either to treat a problem you are having, or just to help you acheive the emotional and physical health goals you are

Homeopathy for Infection – by Dr. Randy Martin

Homeopathy Cures Severe Infection   People with severe infections for which there is no known medical treatment often die, despite surgery, and antibiotics. A double-blind study was conducted to determine whether homeopathy might favorably influence the long-term outcome in critically

Homeopathic Scientific Research

Here is a good link to an article on Homeopathic Research I wanted to share with you: http://www.homeopathic.com/hes/ebook_hfm.php

Toenail Fungus Question and Answer

Today, I received an email from a patient who I am treating for anxiety and depression, as well as for heart palpitations and irritable bowel syndrome. Something she had not mentioned during my initial consultation with her was that

Acupuncture for Multiple Sclerosis

Dear Friends — the following is an interesting article I came across on the treatment of MS with Acupuncture. I wanted to share my experience with you on the treatment of MS and what are generally thought of as other chronic, degenerative

TMJ – Jaw Pain by Dr. Martin

Treatments Take the Bite Out of Jaw Pain It’s Easter Sunday morning and I get an emergency phone call from an anxious patient. “My husband says I’ve been ‘tapping’ my teeth together at night. Can this lead to seizures?”

When Does Homeopathy Fail to Work? by Dr. Randy Martin,

Dear Friends, The other day, I almost lost a close friend of mine. She is someone I’ve been very close to for many years. She decided to go off her medication for depression and she was having severe withdrawl

Pregnancy, Childbirth and Pediatric Resources

Pregnancy, Childbirth and Pediatric Resources 1. Homeopathy can be used to root out or partially erradicate some of the genetic predispositions that you would rather not transfer to your children. The best time for this is about a year before

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