Homeopathy Cures Severe Infection


People with severe infections for which there is no known medical treatment often die, despite surgery, and antibiotics. A double-blind study was conducted to determine whether homeopathy might favorably influence the long-term outcome in critically ill patients suffering from severe infections.


Seventy people with severe infections participated in this study. 35 received homeopathic treatment and the other 35 people received a placebo. 5 pills of a 200C homeopathy remedy were given at 12-hour intervals during their stay in the intensive care unit of a hospital.


Survival after 30 and 180 days was recorded. On day 180, survival was significantly higher in the homeopathy group. (75.8% in the homeopathy group vs. 50% in the placebo group.) There were no side effects nor adverse reactions observed.


This was reported in the magazine Homeopathy, 2005 (94(2):75-80.


I have had limited experience with severe infection, but I’ve had a lot of experience with less serious infections, including Bladder Infections (UTI’s), and Strep Throat. My experience with these two types of infections is that homeopathy works tremendously well, and very quickly to battle the infection.


The other good thing about homeopathy is that people who have cured at least one infection with homeopathy tend to be able to fight future infections on their own, and don’t need to use antibiotics. After one “trains” the body to develop it’s own antibodies, with the use of homeopathy, that “training” pays off, and the immune system wins the future fight.

Homeopathy for Infection – by Dr. Randy Martin
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