Homeopathy and Spirituality:The Hidden and Unspoken Power in Homeopathic Medicine

by Dr. Randy W. Martin

We often use the term homeopathy to refer to anything natural. But homeopathy is a very specific form of healing which refers to the usage of homeopathic remedies which are made in a very scientific and precise way. It was discovered by a German medical doctor about 200 years ago. In fact, all of homeopathy is governed by the United States Pharmacopoeia, which is the internationally recognized “bible” on homeopathic manufacturing techniques.

Although it is natural, homeopathy is not herbal medicine per se, and doesn’t refer to, nor imply any other forms of medicine, other then the use of these very specific types of homoepathic medications outlined in the United States Pharmacopoeia. Homeopathic remedies are made from either plant, animal or mineral substances, and there are literally thousands of homeopathic remedies. Almost all natural substances in the universe can potentially be made homeopathically, if they aren’t already!

There are about ten homeopathic pharmacies in the greater Los Angeles area. The remedies are also now sold at many health food stores and are available for purchase through mail order directly from the homeopathic pharmaceutical manufacturers. You do not need a prescription to purchase most homeopathic remedies. There are many homeopathic websites also, where you can glean loads of information for free.

But, you might be asking, why would I want to take a homeopathic remedy and what does a homeopathic remedy really do? And why would you want to use homeopathy instead of herbs or vitamins? The main difference is that homeopathy helps to bring about harmony to the human body/mind/spirit by intervening in the energetic process of the individual. In other words, the correct homeopathic remedy will help to unblock the energetic “kinks” in a person which are keeping them from progressing on their emotional and spiritual path. Herbs and vitamins won’t do that, because they only work on the physical and chemical level and not on the energetic level.

The correct homeopathic remedy will also help to create more clarity in the individual. The remedies will agitate that which is pathological in a person. If a person is fearful, deceitful, angry, jealous, suspicious, dishonest, or just downright confused, the homeopathic remedy will help to create clarity in the person so that they have a greater degree of the type of freedom they need to engage life head on, in order to change that particular problem behaviors. On the other hand, if the person is very powerful, but has trouble expressing and manifesting that power, the remedy will help them to come more fully into their hidden source of power. If the person is fearful of robbers or rape, for instance, it’s going to help them energetically to clear this energy out of their auric field.

If a person has done a lot of spiritual work already, yet there is one area where they still feel stuck, the homeopathic remedy will actually help them to progress more quickly on their path in this one specific area, and achieve greater inner and outer fulfillment. One of the interesting things about homeopathy is that the best homeopathic remedy, when speaking of homeopathy on the spiritual realm, is one which will initially, actually create an apparently negative effect.

Let me give an example, let’s say that a person had a big fear of invasion in some form, either through rape, emotional abuse, robbery, or some other type of boundary issue having to do with invasion. Suppose their mother always invaded their personal space as an infant and small child, and their older brother did the same, and they had a history of a date rape in college. And this person, now in their 30’s, still has this on-going theme and fear of invasion which keeps them from achieving the kind of intimacy in a relationship that they say they want. And if she is with a group of friends walking down the street and a panhandler comes up to them, it’s always her they approach, for instance.

Well, this person is actually a patient of mine, and she initially came to see me to deal with a persistent vaginal infection that just kept coming back every time it was conventionally treated. During our initial interview process, I began to learn not only of her history of candida, frequent urinary infections after sex and severe cramping during her period, but also of her emotional distance with her mother, her older brother and now her subsequent difficulty in maintaining a long term relationship.

After an in depth questionnaire and many questions latter, I finally arrived at a homeopathic remedy which perfectly matched her pattern of physical and emotional symptoms. When I gave her a homeopathic remedy to try to work all this through, guess what happened? The next day, she was taking a nap in her car, and had the windows cracked because it was so hot out. And out of every car in a large shopping center parking lot where she was parked, she was awoken by a man’s hand sticking through the car window trying to open her car door! (He apparently didn’t see that she was napping in the car.) Then she got home and her found her kitchen infested with ants. This is a great example of the homeopathic aggravation. In other words, with the right homeopathic remedy, the universe will create the situations that you most need as data, challenges, and information to move you further along on your path. In her case, she apparently needed to be confronted with even more invasion themes so that she could unpeel another layer of her fear and anger and finally let it go for good.

Her response was, “I hate this! I came to you for healing, and you’ve made my life much worse.” She almost didn’t come back. But I explained to her that by confronting her fears and hostility and anger, and allowing herself to feel it intensely under the influence of the homeopathic remedy, that it would dissipate much more quickly then if she just did therapy or read self-help books. This was a new concept for her, since she had only come to me to cure a persistent vaginal infection. I reminded her that her infection was a metaphor for a deep imbalance, and that symptoms are blessings in disguise.

Many people do not realize that growth IS possible, and that homeopathy can be used as a tool along that path. Additionally, if a person is doing mind/body therapy, or breath work, cranial work or acupuncture at the same time they are doing homeopathy, the healing will go much more quickly, even though the “healing aggravations” will still occur at regular intervals along the way.

For those who have studied with a guru, or have been on a spiritual path for a long time, this may sound familiar. When we are progressing spiritually, the first thing to happen is often the opposite of what we wanted to happen. Often a homeopathic remedy, much like a guru, or good teacher, acts as a mirror, intensifying those negative personality traits, and difficult emotions, that we like the least in ourselves. The remedy will mirror the energy back to oneself. This is often also the point at which many patients will stop taking their homeopathic remedy and quit treatment. For example, if you need to be working on your greed, or your guilt or your stinginess, or your lack of healthy personal boundaries, then the remedy will be mirroring back to you one of these characteristics. This will likely be quite uncomfortable. And this is how and when many homeopathy patients unfortunately stop their treatment, and never return to homeopathy.

They lack the ability to wait and to work hard enough to go through their issues. They lack the ability to really FEEL the pain and discomfort locked energetically within themselves. But one of the keys to homeopathic treatment, is that one can work through many spiritual and emotional blocks much more quickly while taking the right homeopathic remedy than compared to doing the work alone, or just with a therapist or teacher.

Another example is a patient of mine who is going through a lot of confusion over a commitment in a long-term relationship. She goes back and forth, and her partner really needs and wants a greater degree of commitment. The day after she took her remedy, her boyfriend called her and said he was ending the relationship! The universe provided her with exactly what was needed to force the issue and move her forward in her process.

Homeopathy is based on the theory of resonance, so it makes sense that when you change your resonant field by taking a homeopathic remedy, the resonant field around you and thus the behavior of those around you, will also change to accommodate your shift in energy. In homeopathic theory we feel that the human organism is, in it’s core, healthy, in balance, energetic, loving and was at one time, and can again be, fully functional in the world around him or herself. But as we go through life, we naturally develop a wide array of defense mechanism to protect ourselves. But it is these very defense mechanisms, which were at one time healthy ways to protect ourselves, which over time, energetically crystallized, keeping us from experiencing our true potential, our true self, and our authentic emotional, and spiritual clarity and energy.

Much of the stuckness energetically that we experience is also genetically programmed into our cells. We are born with it, and it’s homeopathy which can also help to move us through some of these negative predispositions.

Homeopathy is compatible with all other forms of deep emotional work and spiritual growth, because it works on the energetic and cellular level. Homeopathy will just help to intensify and quicken the work that one is doing.

So what of the person with a lot of physical symptoms? How do these affect a person’s energy and clarity? First we must ask the why and wherefore’s of the physical symptoms. In homeopathy, we view the physical symptoms as congealed emotional, genetic and spiritual blocks. In other words, when emotionally or spiritually we confront a block and an inability to clearly and simply move through it, the next level down is the emotional level. We experience an emotional block, such as anger, frustration, resentment, etc. And after a while, these emotional blocks, if not released on a deep enough emotional level, will eventually create physical symptoms. These physical symptoms are manifestations of the initial genetic, spiritual and emotional blockage, representing a “frustration” of energy.

Homeopathy will work on all three levels simultaneously: physical, emotional and spiritual. But again, the symptoms will often intensify and worsen before a positive result can be seen. Often a person starts homeopathic treatment for a specific physical problem, and what happens is that the homeopathic remedy brings up emotional issues. For example, I had a recent patient who came for treatment of low energy due to hypothyroid, or low thyroid. When she started taking her homeopathic remedy, she started experiencing a lot of previously suppressed anger. On the other end of the spectrum, another patient of mine came for treatment of depression after her mother died, and upon taking her homeopathic remedy, she began experiencing sciatica and low back pain that she had previously treated with pain killers and prednisone many years before. Another patient came for treatment for strep throat which had been a chronic problem during her childhood and had been treated a multitude of times with antibiotics. Her homeopathic remedy, while curing the strep throat within a couple of days, also brought up a lot of suppressed anger and unexpressed emotions towards her partner.

What determines how long the healing will take, is how open the person is, and how open they are to working through whatever comes up during the treatment. If a person is open to the types of changes that need to be made, and willing to really look at themselves through an observant insight process, then progress will be swift. If the changes are positive, and the insights are deep enough, and made with determination and a willingness to grow, then healing for the individual will go more smoothly. The path will be clear, and the correct homeopathic remedy will help quite a bit, and in a minimum of time. But if there are layers upon layers of blockage that need to be processed, the healing will take much longer.

Also, if there are a lot of physical symptoms, or areas that have energetically congealed around a particular constellation of stuck emotional or spiritual energy, then the healing will take longer. But either way, if the person is open to change, self-awareness and growth, then homeopathy is one of the faster and more permanent types of healing modalities available to us. And once you have experienced the miraculous power of homeopathy, you will never again want to go back to using herbs or conventional medicine alone. In fact, there is a time and place for all healing modalities, and it’s knowing when to use which modality that is the key.

Many people believe that the reason homeopathy isn’t very popular is because there is not a lot of scientific evidence to support it’s efficacy. The reason for this is that each homeopathic remedy needs to be prescribed based on the individual. Because of this, it’s next to impossible to compile a lot of hard data. Each person is treated uniquely. But this is also the reason that it works so profoundly.

Homeopathy will show you the door that is waiting to be opened. Sickness is like sitting in front of the door, in fear, unable or unwilling to open it. When the door is opened, often sickness will also temporarily occur, but this type of sickness is just an aggravation which occurs from entering into the next level, from shedding your old skin, moving into the next doorway, and into an area of greater light. The homepathic remedy will show the next point of entry that needs to be made for the next level of growth.

Homeopathy works by treating the essence of the person, and not just the symptoms which are being reflected by the person’s stuckness. If we treat only the symptoms, or the physical reflection of the blockage, then the essence of the person won’t really change. But if we treat the essence of the person, by focusing on the energy of the person, then the symptoms will shift and the energy of the person will also begin to be unblocked, and eventually to flow more smoothly.

The cure will appear on a physical level, but changes will also be seen on the deeper, more spiritually profound levels. These changes will manifest in various ways, but will be felt and seen by the person and those around him or her as clarity of vision, better intellectual functioning, youthfulness, vitality, better skin tone, better overall health, and the ability to actuate ones desires.

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