Dr. Cynthia – Holistic Cardiologist
Dr. Cynthia is a Harvard-trained Los Angeles cardiologist who practices with her heart. She helps replace stress, fear, anxiety in her patients and instills a sense of inner calm and peace by educating and inspiring them to take proactive steps towards health and healing. The Holistic Healing Heart Center is Dr. Cynthia’s one-stop shop for all your health care needs. Whether it is progressive heart disease treatment, primary care services, or integrative lifestyle programs to maintain health and offset the aging process, Dr. Cynthia and her team can provide

www.homeopathycenter.org – “Homeopathic Everything”
Access to 100+ free articles on homeopathy plus an online catalog of hundreds of books, tapes, medicines, software, and courses. Owner of Homeopathic Educational Services: Dana Ullman, MPH, author of 8 books on homeopathy and leading spokesperson for the field.

Overeaters Anonymous
Home page for the 12 Step program, including meetings for Bulimia and Anorexia; not just overeaters; food addicts too!

Vipassana Support International
A type of Buddhist meditation; very simple and a good place for beginners to start; tapes and videos as well as a schedule of classes.

Twin Dragon Healing Arts
Practice in Chinese Medicine and Shamanic Healing in Florida

The Work
The work is a highly effective method of personal self growth

Patricia Schraier
Website Development, ecommerce,custom website design and website maintenance



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