Pregnancy, Childbirth and Pediatric Resources

Pregnancy, Childbirth and Pediatric Resources 1. Homeopathy can be used to root out or partially erradicate some of the genetic predispositions that you would rather not transfer to your children. The best time for this is about a year before

Alternative Treatments for Pregnant Women

Alternative and Complementary Medicine for use During Pregnancy by Dr. Randy Martin These days, it’s not uncommon for many of us to want to explore our options in life. Not only in life, but also in our healthcare. And what

Acupuncture Effective for Pregnancy and Fertility Help

Here are two really great articles on the successful use of Acupuncture for Fertility and Successful Pregnancy and Birthing Acupuncture ‘helps women have babies’ Chinese treatment raises success rate of IVF • Denis Campbell, health correspondent • The

Video – Acupuncture for Fertility – Success :-)

Here is a link to a short video explaining how and why acupuncture is so effective for infertility: My experience is the same and well-reflected in this short video:

Fertility, IVF and Acupuncture for Pregnancy

Women undergoing IVF were 65 percent more likely to become pregnant when they combined the procedure with acupuncture, a recent study has shown.The remarkable success rate occurred across seven acupuncture trial studies involving 1,366 women in a systematic review and

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