Holistic Treatment for Election Stress

Holistic Resources for Election Stress By Dr. Randy Martin, OMD, LAc, CCH, QME If you or your friends or family are feeling symptoms of stress from the election, here are some resources for you. Teas: Chamamille Tea – very calming

TMJ – Jaw Pain by Dr. Martin

Treatments Take the Bite Out of Jaw Pain It’s Easter Sunday morning and I get an emergency phone call from an anxious patient. “My husband says I’ve been ‘tapping’ my teeth together at night. Can this lead to seizures?”

How to Effectively Terminate Treatment with Your Doctor

How to Maximize Termination of Treatment with your Doctor One of the problems of practicing medicine in Los Angeles is that the consumer has so many choices. Why is this a problem? Because the average person doesn’t stay long enough

Common Childhood Ailments

Protocols for Common Childhood Ailments: 1. Acute Asthma: Wheezing, tight chest, difficulty exhaling *Begin with Open Air formula *Add Chest Relief if needed *Add Windbreaker if cathcing a cold *Select the appropriate homeopathic, such as Aconite *Assess for Acute emotional

Waiting for Change and Transformation? The Wait is Over

Dear Friends: Are you feeling it? I know I am. We are on the peak of a major transformation. Ask yourself what you are willing to let go of today that no longer empowers you in your life, that you

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