Dear Friends:

Are you feeling it? I know I am. We are on the peak of a major transformation. Ask yourself what you are willing to let go of today that no longer empowers you in your life, that you have out-grown, and that may have even served you well, but now is holding you back.

Lift up to the courage to release that person, place, or thing. Create a quick, but meaningful ritual, and dispose of that person, place, or thing, in a meaningful way, with a song, prayer, dance step / jig, or thought form. Allow it to release you. And allow yourself to release from it.

Gaze at the snow capped mountains, then turn around and gaze at the clear crisp ocean. Now step into the rain and allow it to drench your body and soul with new and empowering energy. You may not yet know what will come to fill you up. Yet creating that space, and allowing the rain to cleanse your aura, something very, very special will come to you. Allow it in, when it comes, even if new, surprising and uncomfortable, just breath it in. Remembering, it is all a blessing, even if appearing as a shadow.

Pluto moved into Capricorn yesterday. Did you feel the shift in energy. It takes 17 years to move from sign to sign. Transformation of the Earth is occuring. And of our earthbound energy.

Mercury goes retrograde on Monday. We can already feel the roller-coaster begin to sloooooowwwwww down, stop and go into reverse. Mars will go direct on Thursday. Yikes!!! So brace for more water, it being in Cancer, a water sign.

Moving forward…….. in kind blessings.Your Partner in Health and Healing.

Waiting for Change and Transformation? The Wait is Over
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