Asthma and Fever at Midnight – Help!!!

Last night at about midnight I had a panic email from the mother of one of my patient’s. She explained that her three year old son had a fever of 102 degrees and that he couldn’t breath. He was restless, crying and very uncomfortable.

She asked me what to do. I told her to use her Western medications prescribed by her doctor and then in the morning to take him to the doctor, and then call me. She was confused. She responded that she had brought her son to see me because she was trying NOT to use the drugs that he had previously been taking for the last three years of his life.

This is very common. A patient comes to me because they want to STOP taking the medications prescribed by their Medical Doctor.

While I respect the desire of a patient to stop taking prescription medications, I have to emphasize that there is a time and place for both prescription medications and for alternatives like herbs or homeopathic remedies.

At midnight, when you have no alternative in your medicine chest, is definitely NOT the time to stop your Western medications.

Change occurs slowly, over time. If you wish to stop your prescription medications, it must be done gradually, and under the supervision of your Medical Doctor. Prescription medications can sometimes save your life, and at a minimum relieve a great deal of unnecessary suffering.

If you wish to make this transition for either yourself or your child, give yourself some time. Come into my office, and schedule an appointment to discuss this. Then purchase the herbs and homeopathic remedies you may need to have on hand during this transition. And remember that change is NOT linear. It has ups and downs. You may need to keep taking your prescription medication from time to time, when you are stressed out or in emergencies.

Try not to be hard on yourself. We are only human.

And one other thing: Changing diet will also help to strengthen your overall health and balance and allow you to feel better. And regular yoga, stretching, and exercise is also really important. This is especially true when you are working to decrease any medication you have been on for more than a few months.

It is also best to make an appointment with your Medical Doctor and explain exactly what your desire is, and ask his or her advice for the best way to transition off your medications. Your Medical Doctor will be a key player in your success or failure. Sometimes it’s possible to change your prescriptions to take a lower dosage, and other times you can split your pill in half. Sometimes your Medical Doctor might also recommend just taking the medication every other day, or only when needed.

Whatever he or she says, please be very open and communicate clearly. This will help in your success.

One last thought: If you and your Medical Doctor decide you should continue taking your prescription medications, there is still a lot you can do to improve your overall health. Exercise, basic dietary changes, and acupuncture can help a lot. There are also Chinese herbs that can be added, that will not conflict with your medications, and homeopathic remedies. The important thing is balance, and commitment to a long-term program of optimal health!!! We can discuss which medications you are on and with your Medical Doctor, make a plan. Best of luck!

Midnight Panic – Fever and Asthma – Help!!!
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