Protocols for Common Childhood Ailments:

1. Acute Asthma: Wheezing, tight chest, difficulty exhaling
*Begin with Open Air formula
*Add Chest Relief if needed
*Add Windbreaker if cathcing a cold
*Select the appropriate homeopathic, such as Aconite
*Assess for Acute emotional trauma: Rescue Remedy might be indicated

2. Chronic Asthma: Wheezing on exertion, tight chest, difficulty inhaling
*Begin with Deep Breath for more chronic wheezing problems
*Add Chest Relief if also has cough or phlegm
*Add Grow and Thrive to support the system and strengthen immunity
*Select the appropriate homeopathic, such as Phosphorus, Kali Phos or Phosphoric Acid
*Check for allergies, food and airborne

3. ADD/OCD or other Anxiety or Hyperactive Symptoms:
*Begin with Quiet Calm formula for sleep, hyperactivity and anxiety or phobia
*Add Grow and Thrive to strengthen the system
*Add Fish Oils
*Perform urine test to determine which neurotransmitters are out of balance
*Consider homeopathic Mag phos, Kali phos, Coffea Crude or Ignata
*Consider 5HTP or GABA

4. ADD/ADHA – Inattentive type ADD – easily distracted and trouble with focus
*Use Quiet Calm to start
*Add Fish Oils and the correct constitutional homeopathic to help with focus
*Consider the Urine test to determine which neurotransmitters are off

5. Allergies: Sneezing, stuffy and runny nose, itchy eyes, scratchy throat
*Begin with Windbreaker
*Add Chest Relief for cough or phlegm
*Add Open Air for wheezing or acute cold
*Try homeopathic Wyethia, Sulphur, Aconite or Allium Cepa
*Often Fish Oils, Zinc, Vitamin C will boost the immune system and help with allergies

6. Acute Cold or Flu
*Begin with Windbreaker and Phlogisticlean
*Use Phlogisticlean for ear infections
*Add Chest Relief for coughing
*Add Purge Heat for fever
*Use Chinese herbal ear drops
*Add homeopathic Belladona for high fever, or Aconite for sudden onset fever
*Supplement with Zinc and Vitamin C for immune balance

Common Childhood Ailments
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