One Benefit of Acupuncture by Dr. Randy Martin, OMD

One of the many benefits of acupuncture, which comes with most treatments, is this wonderful ability to clear the mind and fall into an alpha state. My patients are constantly telling me that during the treatment it’s one of the few times they truely are able to deeply relax.

One of the side-benefits of clearing the mind is that it gives us the ability to more clearly observe our thoughts.

So often, we confuse our thoughts as our-selves, and as reality. If we have negative or judgemental thoughts, whether about ourselves or others, we think it’s actually “us”. But in reality it’s just random thoughts clouding our true self and thinking.

When our mind achieves more clarity, whether through acupuncture, meditation, or both, we are able to clearly observe the thoughts, and to separate out which are “US” and which are more “RANDOM”.

Most of the thoughts we have are random – just the mind responding to external stimuli. But through clarity of thought, we can OBSERVE more carefully and determine what is an authentic “SELF”.

The side-benefit of this, and of acupuncture as well, is that we can then choose to ACT on the thoughts which we choose, rather then REACT to thoughts which would otherwise generate less productive actions and behaviors.

One Benefit of Acupuncture
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