Nutrition: A Difficult Subject by Dr. Randy Martin, OMD, CCH, PhD, Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Certified Classical Homeopath

I don’t pretend to know it all when it comes to nutrition. Far from it! Although in my 35 years of experimentation, I’ve personally been a vegan, a vegetarian, macrobiotic, meat eater, Twinkies junk food person, low protein, high protein, low carbohydrates, high carbohydrates, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, fat free, only organic, paleo, and just about everything else under the sun, I still don’t claim to know it all.

Nutrition is an incredibly complicated subject, involving subtle psychological factors, digestion and assimilation factors, as well as the reality of what you actually eat, and how much nutrition is in the food itself.

But one thing I HAVE found to be certain: That scientific testing never lies. ……………No, I don’t mean muscle testing or the more, esoteric, energetic testing methods. I DO mean that what Western medicine really excels in, is medical laboratory testing. I cannot speak highly enough of the importance of having your hair, saliva, urine, and blood tested. You might not realize the depth and span of information that can be gleaned from these testing methods!

Hair , saliva, urine, and blood tests can tell you if you’re getting enough protein, whether you are a slow or fast metabolizer, if you are getting enough calcium and magnesium, if you are deficient in sodium or potassium, the status of your neurotransmitters, and on and on. And each of these findings then leads us to explain why you have the physical, and emotional symptoms and problems you have.

For example, let’s say you have muscle weakness. When we test, we might find out that your protein levels are low. Or if you have headaches, you might have low magnesium. Fatigue might be a sign of low potassium or sodium. Anxiety may be from low serotonin, low thyroid may show up as low sodium. High thyroid may show up as low Calcium.

Whatever you are feeling, and even if you basically feel good, you can feel even better, if you get on the right vitamin, mineral and dietary regimen, geared specifically for you, and base it on the detailed results of your lab tests.

If you don’t like to take vitamins and other supplements, I can even put you on a special program of homeopathic minerals, which just dissolve in the mouth. This works especially well for kids or teens who don’t like taking pills.

Then six months latter we can retest, to assure that the regimen we designed for you is actually working. That’s the beauty of testing. You can scientifically see for yourself how your program is working, and then adjust it accordingly. But you’ll also see results in how you feel overall.

And one more test that is very valuable: I encourage all women to get a bone density test as early as possible, so that you’ll have a baseline upon which to determine if the program we set you up on is working for you.

Finally, if you have any digestive problems like bloating, gas, heartburn, fatigue after eating, or if you eat a lot of sushi or have traveled a lot in under-developed countries, you really owe it to yourself to also get a stool purge test to check for either parasites or yeast (candida.)

When you want to get started, just email the office and we’ll tell you how to order the test kits and lab prescriptions you’ll need.

Nutrition – A Difficult Subject
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