Patience is Key

Do you find yourself coasting along fine, feeling great, and all of a sudden you come down with what seems like a bizarre set of symptoms you have never had?

You come to the doctor and expect an instant cure… of course! We live in a culture that expects everything to occur instantaneously. But in most cases it can take time to experience true healing. And with time you may become frustrated. Does this scenario sound familiar? Do you get frustrated waiting to get well? Do you want your symptoms to immediately disappear? Do you find your inner voice saying to your symptoms: “Get out of my way, you’re interfering with my life”?

Please try to remember that if you have a simple problem it will be healed quickly, but if you have a complex problem, it may take some time to get rid of it. Symptoms are only the tip of the iceberg.

If you want true healing, you need to remember the amount of ice under the iceberg. True and long-lasting healing will take the time it takes to melt down this massive growth under the surface. Your body didn’t manufacture symptoms overnight, even if that’s how it appears to you, and it might take some time to detoxify, build-up and bring you back into balance.

The body naturally tends towards balance. With a little push by the correct herb, accupuncture treatment or homeopathic remedy, your body will come back into balance itself. But patience may be necessary. If you stick it out, you will be rewarded with the best health of anyone else you know latter on down the line. Let them eat their Hershey bars and drink their Starbucks… you’ll have your health!

Healing & Frustration
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