Education in Action

You may have noticed that the editorial theme which ran through my last few newsletters has been one of constitutional, or “in-depth” homeopathy. But there are other approaches you might be interested in.

Anyone who’s been a patient of mine over the long-term has noticed my focus on self-care and self-sufficiency. A large part of my work is devoted to education so that you can learn how to care for yourself; not only in times of an emergency, but also in day-to-day health problems you or your family may encounter.

I find nothing more fulfilling than when one of you calls telling me one of your success stories in treating a headache, diarrhea or bee sting. There are so many different health problems you can safely treat at home on your own.

There are three types of treatment: First is chronic or constitutional treatment, which involves my assessing your entire long-term health history and prescribing for your complete self, including your emotional health. Second is self-care, where I try to teach my patients how to take care of most of their daily problems themselves at home.

And third is acute prescribing. Acute pre-scribing is what I do with the majority of my patients. This type of treatment is meant to treat just the health problem you are having at the time. Although I always take a complete history, including blood tests and any other testing required, we are treating the number one problem you come in for and not spending
much time in assessing your over-all health history. It’s always your choice!

Self Care = Self Sufficiency
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