Feeling Frazzled – Stuck – Unclear – Need Help In Centering?

Constitutional Homeopathic Medicine will help dramatically!

This is because homeopathy works on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level – all at the same time.

A full homeopathic consult lasts about an hour, and we delve into your complete history, including family, childhood, trauma, long-standing grief, major life events, and all physical issues, including hormones, aches and pains, digestion, sleep, and mental function.

We will match the correct homeopathic remedy to all of your symptoms and history.

By taking the chosen homeopathic remedy, sometimes daily, somtimes weekly, and sometimes just once per month, your symptoms will shift. And you will enter a new era of healing.

Homeopathy, even more than acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and nutrition, has been the most powerful healing modality I’ve personally ever experienced. So many of my patients credit homeopathy with some of the most powerful healing experiences they have had.

You might ask, would I ever do homeopathy instead of Chinese herbs or Acupuncture? Heavens NO. But if you need a boost or feel stuck — Constitutional Homeopathy is the answer you have been waiting for.

For more information and to schedule your homeopathic consultation, please email Dr. Martin – drrandymartin@gmail.com

Feeling Frazzled – Stuck – Unclear – Need Help In Centering?
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