Dr. Martin’s Free Self Help PMS Video
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Here is a link to my Free PMS Self-Help Video. The information contained in this 11 minute video will allow you to get a good start on treating your PMS. Of course, if you want extra help, please email me and we can get started using more in depth acupuncture, homeopathy, and Chinese herbs. I have a 100% success rate treating PMS – and you will usually see results in as little as one to two menstrual cycles.

If you also have endometriosis, cysts or fibroids, or are in menopause, we can also treat those problems naturally.

PMS No More Free 11 Minute Video: https://youtu.be/VSpX9ks75pQ

Insurance usually pays for Acupuncture – Email for Information:

PMS No More Self Help Video
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