What Matters Most – A Sunday and Pre-Holiday Meandering

We ask ourselves

What matters most

What really matters

Is it our family



Our politics

Is being right what matters

Is getting what we want what matters

Is a good night’s sleep what really matters

Is financial security the most important thing in our lives

Maybe my personal view is slanted

Because over 30 years ago I picked for myself a profession

Which forced me to focus on my own health

I know that my ability to help others is in direct proportion to my own personal health

Physical – Mental – Emotional- Spiritual

So to me

My health on all 4 levels is what is important

And this is my commitment on a daily basis

To work my hardest

While not being a personal task master

To strengthen my body, my brain, my heart and my connection to spirit

Optimal Health

For me, this is what’s important

How about you?

What is Really Important?
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