Dental Health: Tips on Taking Care Your Teeth

Here are some tips on taking care of your teeth, including diet and supplements:

*Protein: High quality protein is important for tooth structure and enamel remineralization
*Calcium: We all know how getting enough calcium will enhance tooth structure and remineralization, as well as bone density throughout your body
*Antioxidants: Important for connective tissues, and to keep inflammation down and overall immunity up
*Folate: Important to prevent periodontal disease and to prevent and treat depression
*Omega 3 Fats: Important for immunity and to keep inflammation down
*Vitamin D: Important for immunity and remineralization
*Amino Acid Arginine: Important to reduce risk of cavities and for cardiovascular health

Foods to Avoid:
*Foods high in Phytic Acid since Phytic Acid is converted to Phytates which are un-absorbable and take up calcium, iron and other minerals. If you consume high amounts of phytic acid, you will lose calcium and other minerals. Foods high in Phytic Acid include grains, nuts, and legumes. The solution is to soak them and throw out the water and also to sprout them.
*Foods high in Oxalic Acid including dark leafy greens like chard, spinach and kale. Steaming them significantly reduces the Oxalic Acid.
*Both Phytic Acid and Oxalic Acid are also linked to inflammation, body aches and pain, and auto-immune problems.

Oil Pulling: Oil Pulling is not only great for the gums, but also for detoxifying your body and strengthening your teeth.

Dental Health and Your Overall Health
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