Mild Facial Tics Like Inappropriate Blinking May Be Eliminated
With Natural Methods

Do you have a friend or relative with facial tics, blinking or neck spasms?

These problems are usually solved effectively with acupuncture, homeopathy, Chinese herbs, and a change in diet and nutrition.

Please give my office a call or email to discuss details.

My experience is that with both kids and adults, these problems can usually be helped fairly easily.

In Chinese medicine, we call these problems an issue with “Liver Wind”.

Often high liver enzymes will show up on a blood test.

But even if they don’t, then through the tongue and pulse diagnosis, I can find the cause and source of the problem.

Two other health issues that are closely related are Parkinson’s and Bell’s Palsy. Both of these problems are also due to “Liver Wind”.

Even minor facial or eye lid twitching can be treated in the same way.

Give this type of alternative treatment a try. You will be surprised by the positive results and, in most cases, the ease of treatment, with NO SIDE EFFECTS.

Facial Tics and Blinking
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