Your Insurance Will Pay for Acupuncture!
The most common question I’m asked is whether insurance covers Acupuncture Treatments ~ and the answer it YES!

And remember – Acupuncture works for EVERYTHING: stress, insomnia, PMS, menopause, headaches, migraines, back and neck pain, hypertension, IBS, eye problems, twitching, Parkinson’s, arm pain, recovery from injuries, OCD, ADD, eczema, psoriasis, heartache, PTSD.

Virtually all insurance covers Acupuncture. Here is a partial list:
*Motion Picture
*SAG/Director’s Guild/Writer’s Guild
*Blue Cross PPO and HMO
*Blue Shield PPO and HMO
*United Health Care
*Health Net
*Some Medicare policies also cover
*Worker’s Compensation
*Auto Accident Injuries are covered
*Facey HMO
*LA Care
*TriWest and VA

Please call or email my office and I’ll give you a list of questions to call and ask your insurance company to be 100% sure, and so that we know what your copay is.

Your Insurance Pays for Acupuncture
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