Holistic Medical Methods and Options by Dr. Randy Martin

The following options are discussed to help you decide if any holistic methods might be right for you, either to treat a problem you are having, or just to help you acheive the emotional and physical health goals you are

Homeopathy for Infection – by Dr. Randy Martin

Homeopathy Cures Severe Infection   People with severe infections for which there is no known medical treatment often die, despite surgery, and antibiotics. A double-blind study was conducted to determine whether homeopathy might favorably influence the long-term outcome in critically

Successful Treatment of Addictions and The 12-Step Programs

THE ROLE OF ADDICTIONS AND TWELVE STEP PROGRAMS IN ACHIEVING OPTIMAL HEALTH By Dr. Randy W. Martin, OMD, PhD, LAc, QME Introduction Twelve Step Programs are extremely effective for many people in helping to control addictive behaviors. But there are

Free Acupuncture / Homeopathy for Iraqi War Veterans

Free Treatment for Iraqi War Vets This Memorial Day I have been moved deeply by two events. First, watching the HBO special “Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee.” This movie documented the killing of many Native Americans as the U.S.

Homeopathic Scientific Research

Here is a good link to an article on Homeopathic Research I wanted to share with you: http://www.homeopathic.com/hes/ebook_hfm.php

Holistic Emergency Medicine 101 – An Introduction on What To Do To Stay Healthy

Holistic Emergency Medicine 101 – An Introduction on What To Do To Stay Healthy   Arnica – don’t leave home without it; take Arnica 6C – 3X per day for any sprain, accident, bruise, fall, etc. After surgery to

Toenail Fungus Question and Answer

Today, I received an email from a patient who I am treating for anxiety and depression, as well as for heart palpitations and irritable bowel syndrome. Something she had not mentioned during my initial consultation with her was that

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