TMJ – Jaw Pain by Dr. Martin

Treatments Take the Bite Out of Jaw Pain It’s Easter Sunday morning and I get an emergency phone call from an anxious patient. “My husband says I’ve been ‘tapping’ my teeth together at night. Can this lead to seizures?”

When Does Homeopathy Fail to Work? by Dr. Randy Martin,

Dear Friends, The other day, I almost lost a close friend of mine. She is someone I’ve been very close to for many years. She decided to go off her medication for depression and she was having severe withdrawl

Acupuncture for Headaches is Effective and Long Lasting

Here is a link to a really comprehensive article on using acupuncture and Chinese medicine for headaches. My experience is that acupuncture and Chinese medicine, including changes in diet and Chinese herbs, massage, and chiropractic, make a big effect

Herbs and Homeopathy: What is the Difference?

Here is a link to a really comprehensive article on the differences between herbsand homeopathy, that explains it very well. I know that most of my patients don’t really know the difference when they first come to see me. Both

How to Withdraw From Medications, Drugs or Succeed at Weight Loss

How to Withdraw More Easily from Prescription Medications, Smoking or Drugs, and Even Succeed at Your Weight Loss or Quit-Smoking Program. It’s important to NEVER stop taking any prescription medications without the advice and support of your Medical Doctor. The

Menstrual Cramps NO MORE!

Research Update: Acupuncture Decreases Menstrual Pain (Dysmenorrhea) This study was performed on fifteen women ages 14-35 who did not respond to traditional medical treatment for their menstrual pain. The study was done in Milan, Italy at the Mangiagalli-Regina Elna Hospital

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