Why Homeopathy Does NOT Work by Dr. Randy Martin

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If you are stressed, or feeling sick, or in pain right now, remember that we are in the middle of a very powerful full moon cycle and moon wobble. Many people are experiencing all kinds of physical ailments and emotional stress. You are not alone!

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1. You were given the wrong homeopathy remedy – Many “homeopaths” have only taken a few weekend courses, and don’t really know how to select the right remedy.

2. You were given the right remedy in the wrong potency – There are many strengths, or potencies, of homeopathic remedies. They range from 3C, 6C, 12C, and 30C on up to 200C, 1M, 10M, and 50M and beyond. You may have taken a remedy that was right for you, but the potency was wrong. In this case it wouldn’t work.

3. You stopped taking the remedy too soon – Just like in a chess game; you must have the patience to complete the game. Many people stop the remedy too soon when they don’t see improvement.

4. You didn’t communicate to your homeopath the changes that occurred when you took your remedy – Unlike Western doctors, most of the information a homeopath uses to prescribe your remedy, actually comes from you. If you don’t communicate accurately all the little nuances of changes that are occurring while you take your remedy, the homeopath won’t have the data he needs to prescribe accurately.

5. You swallowed your remedy – Remember that for a homeopathic remedy to work, you must place it under your tongue and suck on it. If you touch the pills or swallow them, they won’t work.

6. You didn’t wait 20 minutes before and after your took the homeopathic remedy, without putting anything else in your mouth – Remember, that you must have nothing in your mouth for at least 20 minutes, for your remedy to work effectively.

7. You were given a “combination” homeopathic remedy – some “homeopaths” use combination remedies with 3, 6, 8 or more homeopathic remedies in one pill. This isn’t really homeopathy, and more often than not, won’t work. If the homeopath is not trained in homeopathy, he or she might use combination remedies out of convenience. But don’t judge its effectiveness based on a combination remedy. Although it might bring some relief, it might not.

8. You drink a lot of coffee, ate a lot of mints, or got dental work – Anything that affects your nervous system may lesson the effects of your homeopathic remedy. Be sure to tell your homeopath so he can assess what is going on.

9. You keep your homeopathic remedies next to your TV set, or near some other strong electric device or electro-magnetic field – Remember that homeopathic remedies are made from very small amounts or either plant, animal or mineral substances, and can easily be ruined if subjected to long-standing energy fields.

10. You didn’t tell your homeopath everything going on with you – Remember that without all the information, a homeopath cannot be expected to select the right remedy. This includes ALL your physical ailments, even if you only want one of them to be cured. And also tell him about your emotions and psychological stresses. Remember, everything is interconnected in homeopathy.

So, you might say, why would anyone ever want to try homeopathy in the first place, given the fact that it doesn’t work so much of the time? Or, you might ask, why are you expecting me to believe in ghosts, or in magic? Why would I want to trust my well being to homeopathy, when it isn’t accepted by the mainstream in this country?

These are good questions. I would direct you to the testimonial page of my website. Many people have spoken their truth about homeopathy and it’s effectiveness in their life: http://28i.fed.mywebsitetransfer.com/testimonials.html

Or do a google search for homeopathy and scientific studies. In one search I just did, I saw many good books and studies, which showed how and why homeopathy works. But beware of the quack busters, who really know nothing about homeopathy.

Best of luck in your quest for optimal health!!!!

Why Homeopathy Does NOT Work – by Dr. Randy Martin
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