Recent research, as well as my clinical experience since 1983, has proven to me that acupuncture can be extremely effective for the following woman’s health problems. These include the acupuncture “face lift”, PMS, endometriosis, infertility, cysts, fibroids, breast augmentation and menopause.In addition, there are great clinical and scientific studies on acupuncture for low back pain, sciatica, fatigue and anxiety. To summarize some of my experiences:PMS Eileen, a 27-year-old psychologist, came to my office with symptoms of severe PMS, which were threatening to interfere with her relationship with her fiancé. After discussing her symptoms and taking a complete health history, it became evident that she had what is called “Type A PMS.” Type A refers to PMS where there is an overabundance of estrogen with a lack of progesterone. Her symptoms consisted of anxiety, irritability and mood swings. This is the most common type of PMS.Eileen’s treatment lasted three months and she received acupuncture twice per month. She also took a Chinese Herbal supplement to balance her female hormones and detoxify her liver.After the three months of treatments, she was 85% free from her original PMS symptoms and her relationship with her fiancé was flowing very smoothly. Eileen periodically came in for “tune-up” treatments, about once every three months, and reports she was still doing really well.LOW BACK PAIN WITH SCIATICA George, a 48 year old male, came to my office complaining of acute lower back pain that had started about three weeks before when he lifted a box and “pulled something” in the back. George wanted to try acupuncture only, without the use of Chinese herbs or homeopathic remedies. He came in twice per week and after the first week, his pain had diminished by about 75%.Acupuncture was performed on his lower back, buttock area, legs and ankles. The treatments lasted between 20-30 minutes each. After three weeks, George’s pain was about 95% better, on a scale of 0 – 100% (with 100% being totally free of pain.).I told George to come back in for treatment on an as-needed basis. I see him every six months or so for a tune up treatment. Georges’ case is a bit unusual, due to the fact that normally I’ll treat low back pain and sciatica using herbs and homeopathic remedies in addition to the acupuncture. But this case is a great example of lower back pain with sciatica that resolved very effectively with acupuncture only.PMS: DEPRESSION, HEART PALPITATIONS, WITH ANXIETY Julia, a 28-year-old secretary came to me to work on her symptoms of anxiety, agoraphobia, depression, and racing heart or palpitations. Her symptoms began after breaking up with her boyfriend after a five-year relationship. She had also been to a psychiatrist who had placed her on an antidepressant prescription medication, and she was also in weekly psychotherapy. Her primary problem was that she had trouble getting to sleep at night due to her overactive mental chatter.For the first three weeks I saw Julia twice a week for acupuncture and gave her the homeopathic remedy Coffea cruda* 30C to take at bedtime. She immediately reported being able to get to sleep more quickly and the heart palpitations were lessoning as well.I kept Julia coming in once weekly for acupuncture for another ten weeks, at which time she reported her anxiety and other symptoms had been almost totally eliminated. This ended her treatment and I told her to come back if and when, she wanted to try and get off the prescription medication.

CHRONIC FATIGUEMy experience treating CFIDS, or chronic fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia is that 80% of my patients feel substantially better within four weeks after beginning treatment. Jill, a fifty-year-old single mother of two teenagers was under a significant amount of stress when she came in. She had been trying to treat her self using vitamins and herbs for her severe muscle and joint pains and progressive fatigue for a period of about four years with mixed success.A friend who had seen me for the same problem told her about acupuncture, so she decided to try it. She came in weekly and I did acupuncture and had her get blood work. Her blood tests revealed a severe deficiency in protein, sodium, calcium and magnesium. So along with the acupuncture she increased her protein intake, decreased her carbohydrates in the diet, and began to take the mineral supplements I suggested, which were easier to assimilate than the ones she had previously been taking.Jill improved very quickly and after only six weeks, she reported an 80% increase in energy, and the only time her muscles and joints hurt was when she exerted herself too much in the garden, or didn’t get her full eight hours of sleep. She continues to come in once a month for her acupuncture “tune-up”.ACUPUNCTURE FOR ANXIETY Marcia, a 42-year-old movie producer, came to me wanting to get off the antianxiety prescription medications he had become addicted to over a period of three years. This is one of the more difficult treatments using acupuncture alone, so we placed her on a detoxification diet and herbal regimen, without changing her prescription medications. Checking her blood tests showed her liver enzymes were significantly elevated, so I targeted the liver and created a detoxification regimen for her.After ten weeks of detoxification, the liver enzymes came down on the blood test and with her doctor’s supervision we began to lessen her prescription medications. After three more months, although she was not off the prescriptions entirely, she managed to reduce them significantly. She continued acupuncture once every three weeks while taking her herbs, and reported that she had not felt that clearheaded in years!BREAST AUGMENTATION Breast augmentation, or natural breast enlargement, is possible by stimulating the body’s own, naturally existing hormones. This is done through the use of acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy and specific nutritional supplements aimed at increasing and balancing the body’s own, naturally occurring hormone levels.The effects are always more substantial in younger woman. Most of my experience has been with women in their late twenties and early thirties.Linda, age 27, came to me for breast augmentation after deciding she didn’t want to suffer the possible side effects of implants. I saw Linda twice weekly for the initial four weeks and performed acupuncture, and then she came weekly until she received the results she was wanting.Her weekly acupuncture lasted another fifteen weeks and then monthly for another four months. Needles were placed along the meridians, which travel through the breasts, including the liver and stomach meridians. Points were also done on the Spleen and Chong Mo meridians, on the stomach, and insides of the wrists and legs, all governing hormones.Linda was also taking a constitutional homeopathic remedy, which in her case was Sepia. She also took a Chinese herbal supplement called Venus. She was delighted with her results. Before and after breast measurements gave her what she was wanting. In addition, because the treatment was holistic and aimed at balancing the body’s hormones, her overall level of health, and the feel and look of her skin and her energy were better than ever!The average cost for breast implants is from $4,000 to $10,000. For the acupuncture, the average cost is $2,000 to $2,500.COSMETIC FACE LIFT Acupuncture face-lifts are very effective. The purpose of the treatment is to strengthen the overall vitality, or chi in the body, thereby creating firmer skin with less wrinkles. Wrinkles will lesson as specific Chinese herbs are used, diet is changed and needles are placed on the wrinkles themselves.The needles are placed on the face, hands, legs, and stomach, strengthening the meridians, which run through the facial area. This type of treatment works best if done twice weekly for a minimum of ten weeks. Then we take a break of about one month, and perform another cycle of treatments of ten weeks at twice per week.Results will vary, depending on the overall level of health and vitality of the patient. If the digestion is good, and the diet is healthy, good results will be achieved by the end of treatment. This treatment can also be complemented by home, self-stimulation of the meridians through acupressure and with an electrical acupuncture device held in the hand.The average cost of a traditional face-lift is from $4,000 to $10,000. The acupuncture facelift from $2,000 to $3,000, and in addition to the facelift, the patient ends up with a much greater level of health.





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