Toxicity: Its Diagnosis and Treatment





The following are some good links which explain toxicity and some diagnostic testing you can do. Also, I have included some research which discusses the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment for toxicity.


Visit Toxicity Links and Articles to listen to a series of audio/video on toxicity.


Or these selected topics:


Environmental Toxicity: Link To Environmental Toxicity Slidecast Show


Genetic Aspects of Toxicity: Audio Explaining how your parents affect your toxic burden even now


Identify which tests can be used to diagnose your toxicity levels: Audio Explaining How to Test for Toxicity in Your Body





Studies show that homeopathic medicine is effective in treatment of toxic exposure due to various types of poisoning. As reported in (Oct. 22, 2003), researchers treated infected mice with homeopathic Arsenicum Alb*, which reduced the toxicity in the livers of the mice. This was measured by liver blood levels of ALT and AST, the most common indicators of liver enzymes.In another meta study done in 1994 by the head of the Office of Alternative Medicine at the U.S. National Institutes of Health, 100 previous studies were analyzed to see how well homeopathic remedies worked for animals affected by various environmental poisons. Of the 40 studies researched and rated as “high-quality”, 27 showed positive results from homeopathic treatment.The studies basically demonstrated that those animals which were pre-treated with homeopathy did much better than the control groups, when subjected to toxic substances.Homeopathy is over 200 years old, and is based on the principle that “like is cured by like.” It works much like an allergy shot, to boost the body’s own naturally-occurring defenses against anything from colds and flu, to tumors, headaches, diabetes or skin problems. The reason why homeopathy is not more commonly accepted among the medical profession is that the dosages used are so diluted that there is hardly anything present in the homeopathic remedy to measure. But this is also why it has no side- effects and no toxicity of its own.— Reported in the Utne Reader (March-April, 2004)


Toxicity – It’s Diagnosis and Treatment
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