Men’s and Women’s Health

I’m always asked if holistic medicine works on hormone imbalances for men and women

Yes – it really works and I’ve been quite successful in treating the following health related issues over my 30+ years as a holistic doctor.

*BHP – Prostate – Prostatitis – Enlarged Prostate

*Both men’s and women’s sex drive and fertility issues

*Hair loss and acne – these are usually caused by hormones

*Fibroids, Cysts (both breasts and uterine)

*Underdeveloped breasts (cosmetic enhancement for smaller breasts)

*PMS (pre-menstrual issues / chocolate cravings / cramping / irritability / acne)

*Menopause (dryness / emotional swings / flashes / easing the transition without drugs)

*UTI’s (most urinary issues have responded exceptionally well to acupuncture with Chinese herbs and homeoapthy)

*Vibrant complexion using facial cosmetic acupuncture (don’t worry, it really doesn’t hurt)

*Emotional swings that may be related to hormones or neurotransmitters (depression / anxiety / insomnia / ADHD / Bi-Polar Disorders)

Women’s and Men’s Health
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