Does Holistic Medicine Treat……? by Dr. Randy Martin, OMD
I couldn’t possibly begin to tell you how often I get a call or email inquiry asking whether acupuncture or homeopathy will treat a particular problem.
In point of fact – I’ve never in my 35 years of practice encountered a problem that didn’t respond well to acupuncture.
The reason is simple: one of the ways acupuncture works is by increasing circulation to whatever body part we are treating.
So if we treat the lower back or buttock area, for instance, in order to decrease lower back pain, a side effect will be increase libido and help with the smooth flow of menses in women and prostate inflammation in men.
If we treat the neck for neck pain, a side effect with be that the sinus’ clear up and your brain and memory will improve.
In other words, wherever the needles are placed always increases circulation to that area and in so doing improves function in that area.
A secondary benefit is that acupuncture reduces inflammation wherever the needles are placed. so if you have swelling in the ankle, we can reduce the swelling by placing needles in the ankle and foot area.
If you have headaches, we can place needles in and around the head and by doing so we will reduce the headaches and the feeling of inflammation in the face and neck.
This works the same for the eyes, the nose, the stomach, intestines, uterus, and any other body part.
And another interesting aspect to acupuncture is that I’ll often place needles on the other side of the body from where the problem exists. so if you have right elbow pain, I may place needles in the left elbow. I may even place needles in the left knee to treat the right elbow!
Or if you have hemorrhoids, I’ll place the needles at the top of your head!
There are many techniques. And each acupuncturist in fact employs only the techniques he or she has learned – but there are so many more.
I’ve had patents tell me that they’ve tried acupuncture and it didn’t work. but that is exactly because of all the techniques there are. Over my 35 years in practice, i’ve learned to incorporate many different techniques into my practice.
i also use homeopathy. Homeopatjhy is the use of little white pills that go under the tongue, and it works for any type of problem you can think of.
An example would be using Arsenicum Album for food poisoning or diarrhea. Another example is to use Allium Cepa (this is homeopathic Onion) for seasonal allergies.
I may use Euphrasia for red eyes, or Hepar Sulph for a UTI or a strep throat or stabbing pains in the stomach.
There are literally 1000’s of homeopathic remedies to select from.
As an example, a patient recently asked me if I treat hemorrhoids. Yes, I use homeopathic Hamamelis 30C with an herbal formula called GI Care HMR and the acupuncture point GV20 at the top of the head. Yes the top of the head for the treatment of the rectum!
Another example – knee pain – acupuncture is one of the best types of treatments I have ever seen for knee pain! As well as back pain and neck pain! Sciatica also responds exceptionally well to acupuncture.
Does Holistic Medicine Treat……? by Dr. Randy Martin, OMD
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