Western or Alternative Medicine
Almost Daily I’m asked by either existing or prospective patients: “What should I do? Western Drugs or Surgery, or Alternative Medicine?”

They want to know if they should consider coming to me, vs. go to their Western doctor.

First off: I have never liked the word “alternative”. Complementary is much better.

Because it should never be either/or. For each problem you have, you should also use the best of both worlds.

Yesterday I was contacted by a new patient by phone. Her husband had a bad whooping type of cough and she wanted to know if she should come to me or go to her regular doctor.

I explained that she she should do BOTH! First – go to the regular doctor and get a diagnosis and prescription. Then immediately email or call me to see what to do based on the MD’s recommendation and diagnosis.

When you come to me with a clear diagnosis, and prescription for what your regular, or Western, doctor wants you to do, I can work much more efficiently to use herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture and supplements.

Then if the natural cures aren’t working after a few days, you can also do the drugs. Or you can do both together to play it safe – it’s up to you.

Please try to get out of the either/or mentality. Use Western medicine for your diagnosis and testing. Use complementary medicine for your treatment, to the extent possible. And if it doesn’t work, then resort to the MD’s recommendations.

Often this means using both together. If you are using antibiotics or anti-anxiety drugs, for instance, then great! Let’s add in some herbs, homeopathics, and acupuncture and clean up the diet.

Get your MRI. Get your XRays. Get your blood work. Have your doctor listen to your lungs and heart.

Then use your medications right along with your herbs, supplements and homeopathics. And when we can minimize your drugs and instead use natural medicine, all the better.

Each situation is unique.

One thing to note – I accept virtually all insurance. But insurance only covers your acupuncture. It will never cover a consultation. So that is an out of pocket expense.

But an expense well spent. Cleaning up the diet, and getting you on the correct natural supplements, herbs and homeopathics, will go a long way to helping with your overall health and life in general.

Not only in preventing future problems, but also in treating what is currently going on.

Complementary is best.

(both photos credit – Bob Wong)

Either/or is not the way to go.

Integration is the ideal. This is the true meaning of Yin/Yang. Finding the correct mix is superior medicine.

Western or Alternative Medicine?
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