If You Have Trouble Sleeping and Are in Pain?

(photo curtesy of Bob Wong photography)

So many of my patients in pain tell me that it keeps them awake at night.

I hope many of you will open your mind to the idea of taking a few supplements, a homeopathic remedy, and getting weekly acupuncture.

Here is how it works.

The supplements release serotonine and endorphines to help the mind turn off.

The homeopathic remedy will turn off the chatter in your mind.

The acupuncture will both calm the nervous system, AND reduce inflammation caused by pain in the joints.

Lower back?

Shoulder or neck?



I have definitely got you covered with the correct supplements, homeoapthics, and acupuncture.

Remember that almost ALL INSURANCE, including Kaiser, United, Blue Cross, Blue Shiled, HMO, PPO, Worker’s Compensation, Auto Accidents, and Medi-Cal, now cover your acupuncture.

The acu-point below, Yin Tang, is one of the most famous points for relaxing the mind. Another name for this point is the “3rd Eye” because it helps with insight. Another name is the “6th Chakra” because it opens your intuition up. From the point of view of traditional acupuncture, it quiets the mind and gives a sense of calm. And if you have frown lines, it helps to tighten the skin and decrease the wrinkle. It also helps with “inspiration” in terms of the lungs. In other words, when I insert this needle, most people will take a sudden sigh of relief and relaxation, and sink into a deep slumber.

Trouble Sleeping and in Pain?
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