Treat yourself to a spring detox, with Colonic Rinse, Liver Rinse, New Parasite Formula and Kidney Detox (formula 217) for 10% off the normal price. Usually $108.00 for all four herbal supplements, if you combine them with one acupuncture treatment, we will take 10% off your herbal supplements, so you pay only $97.00 for all four.Entering spring is an important time in Chinese medicine, a time to detoxify and let go, in preparation for growth and new beginnings. Each spring and fall, is the best time to do a basic detox. This is a gentle detox and will not cause diarrhea or any other symptoms of discomfort.

This detox package is a combination of four of the best selling herbal formula that Dr. Martin carries. Over the years, many patients come in to get these herbs, long after finishing acupuncture treatments.

In addition to the detox, you should drink a warm cup of water with a few tablespoons of lime or lemon twice daily.

Spring Detox Treatments
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