Four (4) Homeopathic and Acupuncture Resources and Mercury RetrogradeThere are three resources I’d like to share with you having to do with homeopathic medicine.

1. National Center for Homeopathy – they have a great website. If you join, you get a great montly newsletter full of topics I’m sure will interest you. You also get full access to their website of past articles and access to their live monthly homeopathy chats online. This is the best way to get up and running on how to treat yourself and family or friends:

2. Homeopathic Educational Services – Dana Ullman, a long time friend of mine owns and operates this wonderful resource. From his website, you can order any homeopathic book, or consult with them to determine the right book for your needs. You can also sign up for his on-line newsletter with many articles on both current events or to learn about the rich history of homeopathy.

3. American Medical College of Homeopathy – This is a full on medical school in Arizona which trains homeopaths the way they used to be trained up until the 1920’s – with a complete medical background in addition to the homeopathics. They also have a good newsletter you can sign up for.

And here is one (1) great Acupuncture On-Line Resource as well:

There is a wonderful monthly on-line newsletter which comes out on Acupuncture and Chinese medicine. I don’t want to give them my entire email list. So if you wish me to share with them your email address so that you may be added to their great newsletter email list, please email me your information, and I’ll have them add you. It’s really worth it!

Astrology – Mercury Retrograde!!!

Note that the planet Mercury went “retrograde” on Monday May 26th and will remain in retrograde through June 19th. If you plan any travels, try to allow for extra time for any problems which might arise. Also, keep your electronic equipment tuned up and working well, and try and take it easy on your nervous system.

The nervous system can be on over-drive during the mercury retrograde. So try and allow extra time for sleep and relaxation. And, hey, it’s summertime, right? So why not allow yourself to take some time off from tasks and do some favorite activity you haven’t done in a while, ……. to relax, and feel like summer. Don’t you hate it when it’s the fall, and you look back at the summer and feel like you never did any “summertime fun” things you used to do as a kid? So now is the time. 🙂

Mercury retrograde is also a great time to get things done you may have been putting off, like cleaning or organizing and recycling old stuff you no longer need. It’s a time to finish tasks that were started and never went to completion, but usually not a time for starting new tasks. Brainstorming is easier to do at this time, but generally, things will have an easier time of getting started if you wait until Mercury goes direct.

Acupuncture and Homeopathy Resources and Astrology
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