Quick Visual Diagnosis Tips

Today I’m going to share with you some quick tips to diagnosis your health issues, and some of the nutrients to help balance your system.

Visual Observation Tips:White spots on nails = Zinc Deficiency or maybe B6 to assist in zinc metabolism. Take Zinc Lozenge, Zinc Chelate, B6 in the form of P5P.Ridges on the nails = Consider Iron or B12 or Folic Acid Deficiency. Check blood test to verify.

Black under finger or toe nails = Consider yeast, fungus or mold. Probiotics, and Yeast Killer Supplements and reduce sugar and alcohol intake drastically. Needs dramatic change in diet, and stress reduction.Pitting Edema = Look at heart and kidneys. Get Medical MD diagnosis and important to get a complete medical health workup.Cracked tongue = This is referred to topographic tongue and is associated with stress and B complex deficiency. Depending on where the cracks are, this tells, which organs are deficient and out of balance. At a minimum, take B-Complex vitamins.Cracked corners of mouth = May be an indication of digestive troubles and in particular problems with the duodenum. Take probiotics, reduce stress, and digestive enzymes. Get acupuncture and take Chinese herbs to strengthen the digestion.Tender lower left rib cage = HCL deficiency. Needs digestive enzymes.There are many more quick observations that can be discussed. In particular, most of the acupuncture meridians have tender points, which if extremely tender, indicate a problem with that particular organ and meridian.

Simple Visual Diagnosis Tips
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