How to Start the New Year Out Right: Healthy and Energized by Dr. Randy Martin, OMD, Doctor of Chinese Medicine

Q: Which supplements do I really need?

A: This is a huge topic, but let’s make it simple:

*Omega 3, 6, 9 Oils – natural oils are the precursors to many enzyme reactions in the body

*Probiotics – the good gut bacteria needed to keep immunity and digestion in line

*Magnesium – keeps both the body and mind relaxed

*Multi Vitamin/Mineral Formula Specific for your age and gender (ask me)

*CoQ10 for your cardio-vascular system

*Individualized program based on basic blood analysis (ask me for the blood tests you need for this analysis)

Our bodies are individual and vary tremendously, and so do our physiological needs. This is the primary reason for taking supplements, especially those based on your individual blood analysis.

Another great thing to do is to treat yourself to a detox, especially if you tend to overindulge over the holiday. For detoxification, you will want to start with a colonic and liver cleanse. (Ask me for the ones I recommend and I can ship to you or pick up in office.)

The winter months are an important time according to Chinese medical theory. It’s a time to detoxify and let go, and turn inward. As a part of your detox, you should also drink a warm cup of water with a few tablespoons of lime or lemon juice twice daily. If you prefer, you can substitute apple cider vinegar.

The same detox program will work equally as well for both weight loss and helping to get over addictions, like smoking, alchohol or drugs. The addition we make is to add amino acid precursors to your supplement regimen in order to give your body the neurotransmitters it needs to stop overeating, or smoking, or whatever other addiction you are wanting to give up. (I can help you select the correct amino-acids or you can do neurotransmitter testing.)

Here are a couple of specific pointers you can use for your individual health-related issues.

*Indigestion from over-doing it: Take homeopathic Nux vomica 6C

*Cold, Flu, Fever? Take homeopathic Gelsemium 30C and homeopathic Influenzinum and Oscillocoxinum.

Please enjoy the holidays and your new found “kick-start” holistic health balancing.


Kick-Start the New Year – Detox the Old Year
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