Body Piercing Interfers

with Normal Organ Function

by Dr. Randy Martin, OMD, Doctor of Chinese Medicine

I have been telling my patients for years that piercings interfere with normal organ functions. This is because the piercing causes a scar across an acupuncture meridian and depending on the area of the scar, the meridian and corresponding organ function will often be negatively affected.
The following article documents this in the case of tongue piercing on the area of the tongue corresponding to the stomach. In this case, it caused digestive problems and when the piercing was removed and the scar healed, the digestive function returned to normal.

Note that if you don’t want to remove your already existing piercings, we can work around it, quite literally, by doing acupuncture near and around the piercings, to “redirect” the energy flow along the meridians. This is also the technique used to work around any scars, such as from cesarian section from child birth, or gall bladder removal.

Body Piercings Affect Organ Health
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