Scientific Homeopathy Article

I often have patients ask me what the scientific basis of homeopathic medicine is.

I finally have an article which is very analytic, clear, and evidence-based as to why and how homeopathic medicine is, in fact, very scientific….. including double-blind studies!

For your friends who are skeptical, or for people who like reading in-depth scientific/referenced types of articles, here it is:

Link to Scientific Homeopathy Article

I personally know homeopathic medicine works. And it works for such a huge variety of problems, both emotional and physical.

On a weekly basis, I use homeopathic medicine effectively to treat hormonal imbalances, depression, insomnia, anxiety, migraines, back pain, joint pains, female infertility, male impotence and ED, IBS, fibroids, sciatica, neck pain, PMS, and chronic fatigue.

When I see something as effective as this…….. I use it!
That’s why I continue to use homeopathy as a powerful tool and adjunct to my acupuncture and Oriental medical practice.

and……the link below is a good one showing the connection between the successful treatment of Dementia and Acupuncture:

Link to Dementia and Acupuncture Article

Justification for Homeopathy
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