Fall Seasonal



…………..at each seasonal change……….

The tune up will help keep you in balance:
According to Chinese medicine, we are particularly vulnerable to illness at each change of season. Receiving acupuncture at the seasonal change will help your body acclimate to the change in weather, boost the immune system, balance hormones and regulate your sleep/wake cycle.
1. If you like receiving the relaxing benefits of acupuncture, I’ll use those acu-points known to balance the organs related to the fall season we are now in.

2. If you prefer homeopathy, we’ll take the opportunity to discuss your ongoing constitutional treatment to determine your next homeopathic prescription.

3. If you prefer herbs, we’ll choose an herbal formula to match your constitution and the season. Or we can go with a detoxification program for fall.

4. If you want suggestions and advice on how to eat a healthy diet that is in keeping with the seasons, we can evaluate your diet and nutritional supplements as well.

Or, you can have your choice of all four modalities at your seasonal turn-up. Let us know when you schedule your appointment which modalities you prefer, and how long it has been since you last saw Dr. Martin, so that we can schedule you properly.


Fall Seasonal Tune-Up
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