Home Remedies – Big Help

Suggestions for things you may have around the house that will help in creating Optimal Health

Coconut Oil – rub into sore and tired muscles for pain relief
Garlic – cook and gargle with it or eat as much as possible as a powerful antibiotic for immunity.
Onions – eating lot’s of cooked onions is very good for the immune system
Turmeric – use as much Turmeric as possible in your cooking, or take it as capsules for pain, inflammation and congestion. You can also get it as a topical and rub it into your sore joints.
Hot and cold packs – for pain, alternate hot and cold packs
Epson salt bath – very soothing for colds and flu and to detox and also for pain and inflammation or injury
Castor oil packs – apply organic castor oil to sore or painful joints or any nodules or lumps to help it dissolve. But first have your doctor give you a diagnosis to be sure it’s not something more serious.
Acupressure points – you can take my Acupressure class through the City Parks Department to help relieve all kinds of pains, including back, neck and shoulders.
Meditation – daily meditation and free and simple. If you are not sure how to get started, just look on the web or take my introductory class taught through City Parks Dept.
Cabbage Packs – heat up cabbage leaves and place on swollen or painful parts of the body and then wrap in plastic to hold the heat in. This is said to be great for pain. I’ve tried it and I think it actually worked.
Moringa seeds – soak them in oil and apply topically for pain relief.
Ampalaya Tea – is great for digestion, as is ginger tea
Apple Cider vinegar – and honey to alkalinize your system and improve immunity and assimilation.
High quality, filtered water – with organic lemon or lime to taste to improve digestion and alkalinize your body.
Gargle – with salt water for a mild sore or raspy throat.

Of course always go to your medical doctor to be sure your problem isn’t something more serious that needs to be dealt with from a medical perspective. Find yourself an MD who doesn’t mind working with you if you like to use more natural approaches.

Home Remedies for Healing
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