The Treatment of Herpes and Other Chronic Immune Problems

Today I had a patient I hadn’t seen in quite sometime email me inquiring as to whether I could effectively treat herpes. My answer was that YES! — herpes is one of many chronic immune problems I have effectively treated in my 30+ years of practice.

Among the problems that respond quite well to holistic treatment are herpes, lyme disease, psoriasis, auto immune diseases, eczema, epstein-barr virus, as well as many others.

Holistic treatment is really quite effective, and in many cases it’s greatest effectiveness is in cases that Western medicine doesn’t have a lot to offer.

I always want to work as a team with your Western medical doctor, and insist on a good diagnosis from your Western doctor. There are often holistic treatments which work together with your Western treatment. And we can always use Western diagnostic methods such as blood tests to help us along in our treatment.

If you are unsure which type of treatment would be best for you, we can discuss that also. Just send me an email to get going wth your treatment or to discuss any question you have.

Holistic Treatment of Herpes and other Immune Problems
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