Your Immunity – Colds and Flu – What To Do?

Today I’d like to share with you my program for better immunity. You can use these suggestions both for prevention to build your immune system, and also to treat colds and flu.

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Dr. Martin’s Immunity Regimen:

Stage 1: The Beginning: (Also use this in lower doses for prevention):

*Vitamin C – 1000 mg. 3X/day
*Vitamin E – 400 I.U., 3X per day and all the Antioxidants you can take
*Beta Carotene or O.P.C.’s or both! – 25,000 I.U., 2X per day
*Jade Screen or Astragalus or Immune+ – 3 tabs, 3X per day empty stomach
*Colostrum – 1 – 2 tabs per day
*A strong mushroom formula (shitake, etc.) – take as directed on the bottle
*Isatis Gold – 3 pills, 3X per day – for bacterial or viral infection
*Lonicera Complex – 4 pills, 4X per day – for the first 2-3 days
*Gentianna Complex – sore or strep throat – 6 pills, 4 X/day
*Oscillococcinum Homeopathic – as directed on the box
*Influenzinum Homeopathic for 2014 flu season – daily and also preventive
*Additional homeopathic remedy: Aconite, Eup perf, Pulsatilla, Nux vom
*Umcka syrup
*Kyolic garlic
*Eat lot’s of cooked garlic and onions and warm soups (miso and chicken)
*Don’t eat frozen, cold foods, ice cream, dairy, sugar, gluten, fried or fatty foods
*2 Tblspns Apple Cider Vinegar in warm water with honey and cayenne 2-3X per day
*Vira-Clear cherry syrup
*Vitamin D3
*Glutathione is important for detoxification

Stage 2: Head Cold:

*Mostly same as above, except oscillococcinum can be replaced with a
more specific homeopathic for your specific symptoms:
*Gelsemium, Arsenicum Alb or Allium Cepa
*Add Emphaplex for lungs, cough, and immunity

Stage 3: The Worst (fever, or other symptoms that won’t stop):

*Mostly same as above, except replace oscillococcinum with either:
*Ferrum Phos 12C for low fever
*Belladonna 30C / 200C for high fever
*Gan Mao Ling or Zhong Gan Ling – 4 pills, 4X per day- fever/chills/achy
*For coughing, add Lung Qi Relief from Kan, Spongia tost 30C or Hepar sulph 30C
*For persistent coughing add Immune+: 4, 3X per day and Respertrol Deficient
*Also Add from APEX: ImmuZyme and XViromin and Liquid Vit D

(Note: if you must resort to medicines or antibiotics, you should still continute to take your herbs, vitamins and homeopathics at the same time. When unsure, please email to schedule a brief email or phone consultation so that I can steer you in the right direction to get you back on your feet more quickly.)


In addition to many of the suggestions for Stage 1, the following is an excellent preventative program:

*Host Defense Community Herbal – 2 capsules daily
*Vitamin C – 1,000 mg Daily
*Telomere – 2 gel caps daily
*Vit E – 400 iu daily
*Clinical Nutrients Multivite/Minineral Daily
*Vitamin D3 – daily amount based on blood testing

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Immunity – Colds and Flu – What Shall I Do?
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