My Arthritis Treatment Plan

Dear Friends – here is a simple treatment program you can follow if you or your loved ones have arthritis pain. Remember I’m always here to answer any health related questions you may have.

Photo thanks to Bob Wong

1. Chinese Herbal Formula Flex Heat – for pain, swelling, inflammation, and redness with heat sensation

2. Chinese Herbal Formula Flex Cold – for chronic arthritis and pain which is worse in cold and rainy seasons

3. Chinese Herbal Formula Neck and Shoulder – for arthritis in the neck and shoulder area

4. Chinese Herbal Formula Osteo 8 – for Osteoarthritis

5. Chinese Herbal Formula Knee and Ankle – for arthritic pain in the legs

6. OmegaCo3 – acts as an anti-inflammatory and reduces pain

7. Vitamin D3 – anti-inflammatory and pain relief

8. Curcumin – the more you take the better

9. White Willow Plus – natural herbal pain relief instead of drugs

10. Weekly Acupuncture – Acupuncture has been shown to relieve the pain of arthritis and reverse the underlying cause.

Dr. Martin’s Arthritis Treatment Program
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