Successful Treatment of Addictions and The 12-Step Programs

THE ROLE OF ADDICTIONS AND TWELVE STEP PROGRAMS IN ACHIEVING OPTIMAL HEALTH By Dr. Randy W. Martin, OMD, PhD, LAc, QME Introduction Twelve Step Programs are extremely effective for many people in helping to control addictive behaviors. But there are

Simple Meditation Technique to Eliminate Your Stress

Good news: You don’t need a guru, weird clothes, or a monastery to meditate. It’s pretty simple: 1. Find a quiet place and turn down the lights.2. Close your eyes. 3. Sit comfortably, and try to keep your spine as

Herbs and Homeopathy: What is the Difference?

Here is a link to a really comprehensive article on the differences between herbsand homeopathy, that explains it very well. I know that most of my patients don’t really know the difference when they first come to see me. Both

How to Withdraw From Medications, Drugs or Succeed at Weight Loss

How to Withdraw More Easily from Prescription Medications, Smoking or Drugs, and Even Succeed at Your Weight Loss or Quit-Smoking Program. It’s important to NEVER stop taking any prescription medications without the advice and support of your Medical Doctor. The

Happiness? Science of Buddhism? Which is Better?

Great Article on Personal Growth I came across a really great article the other day in the May/June ’06 issue of Utne Magazine, reprinted from Science and Spirti (Jan/Feb ’06). In the article, scientists and Buddhists faced off on a

3 Things from Dr. Randy Martin – Enjoy

Three (3) Things to Report from Dr. Randy Martin: 1. Personal Story 2. Homeopathy Interview Live Sound Feed 3. Tax Alert! – – – Acupuncture is NOW a legitimate and Legal TAX Deduction ========== 1. Personal Story: Last weekend, I

Waiting for Change and Transformation? The Wait is Over

Dear Friends: Are you feeling it? I know I am. We are on the peak of a major transformation. Ask yourself what you are willing to let go of today that no longer empowers you in your life, that you

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