Three (3) Things to Report from Dr. Randy Martin:

1. Personal Story

2. Homeopathy Interview Live Sound Feed

3. Tax Alert! – – – Acupuncture is NOW a legitimate and Legal TAX Deduction


1. Personal Story:

Last weekend, I was lecturing at the Conscious Life Expo at the LAX Hilton on ADD / ADHD, and also on Addictions using alternative methods of treatment. I went into the bathroom before my talk and was washing my hands. As I was washing, the janitor walked in to clean up the bathroom. He smiled at me and seemed like a nice guy. We struck up a conversation that went like this:

I said to him: “It’s crazy how everything is governed by computors now! You can’t even wash your hands without an automatic water and soap dispenser and an automatic towel dispenser. I wonder what happens if the computor system goes down.”

I mentioned this because for the past 4 days, the Verizon voice mail system was down Statewide, and it obviously really affected my business, which relies on voice mail, and everyone else who depends on their Voice Mail for their life and communications, both personal and business.

The janitor had a very interesting comment. He said: “That is exactly why I”m a janitor! Because I use my body, instead of depending on the conveniences of life!” Then he proceeded to show me the muscle energy he put into cleaning the mirrors and how it was similar to a good workout. And he had a great physique, so it obviously was working for him.

He went on to share his entire philosophy on life with me. He told me that people nowadays don’t use their bodies so they age very fast and that after age 30, the body begins to wear down if you don’t take care of it properly. Of course I was shaking my head in agreement. He had absoutely NO idea of what I did for a living. Nor did he know how much I agreed with everything he was saying.

He proceeded to share how important it was to keep the body in good physical shape and to exercise every day. He said that because of computors and cars and TV’s, that now no one ever uses their body for anything and it will easily get lazy and stop working right.

He said that it’s really important to change your daily routine so that using your body is a vital and necessary part of your day. In other words, exercise is great, but he emphasized the need to create a life where you had NO choice but to be using your body, out of necessity, and not out of choice. He said that this is the only way you will really use your body. Because we are essentially lazy! He said that this is one of the reasons he really enjoyed being a janitor, because it forced him to daily stay physically fit, out of necessity and NOT out of choice.

He went on to say that the mind doesn’t know how old you are. In other words, the thoughts in the mind do not reflect your true age. That we go through life and were it not for his kids, for example, his mind would think he was still 17 years old. That it’s only an aging body that makes one know you are actually aging.

He said that this is another reason to stay in good shape physicially, because if your body is in good shape, the mind will think you are young, and cooperate at keeping you younger longer.

I so vibrated with his little talk to me, that I left the bathroom on a high ready to give a great lecture. When I got about 15 feet out into the hall, I realized I really liked this guy! That everything he said is what I already know and believe. So I walked back into the bathroom, introduced myself, gave him my business card, and said I’d love it if he and his family would come in to see me for some complementary acupuncture treatments some time.

He gave me a big hug and I asked his name. He showed me his Hilton name tag. Bodhi, the tag said. “My name is Bodhi!” Then he gave me another hug and said to keep the energy up!. And that is what I did, throughout my two lectures, walking around the Expo, and on my way home in the car on the LA freeways.

Then, when I got home, I looked up Bodhi in Wikipedia online. It means the awakened one, or the “one who knows.” Maybe the janitor was God. Or is God actually everywhere and in each of us, just waiting for our awareness to come forward enough and to attention enough to recognize him/her/it?

I don’t know about you, but I have found this time and time again, that I create so much of my outer reality, based on what I need to see out there —– and that is already hidden inside me.

Was Bodhi actually me? Was he real? Was he was my mirror image, for those 5 or so minutes. I would have loved following him around all day to learn more about myself, and him. I hope to see him again. I hope to receive his hug again, and his energy, and love for life! Or is he with me now, already?

What is the lesson you are needing to see and hear from the universe right now? Maybe if you look around, or in the mirror, the message is right in front of your eyes. I know that for me, from time to time, I find it, in those special “Bodhi” moments, or in that state just before drifting off to sleep or just waking up, trying to remember where I am. Even on a TV show, occassionally I will hear something I really needed to hear. Or in a song……

Where has your momentum come from lately? From a walk on the beach, a walk in the rain, a lecture, during an acupuncture treamtment? Is God with you now? In your breath, in your step, in your pain, in your tears, in your fantasy, or even in Temple or Church? Bless that fleeting moment and blessing — that he/she/it is with you, even for the fleeting moment, until next time, is the gift…. the blessing continues… and continues … and with it, the hope and inspiration, to go on……. to the next moment of blessed clarity = inspiration….


2. Listen to a 5 minute radio tape of Oprah’s friend Dr. Mehmet Oz, interviewing famed homeopath, Dana Ullman, MPH. Great 5 minute summary of how homeopathy works and how it was discovered.


3. If you itemize deductions for your taxes, Acupuncture is now a legal and legitimate deduction, right along with your other medical expenses like chiropractic, dental or other medical expenses.


3 Things from Dr. Randy Martin – Enjoy
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