3 Essential Herbs for Health and Wellness

Here is an easy health tip that everyone can do, that is cheap and quick.

There are 3 herbs that are very common in your kitchen that we all should be taking every day.

You can use them in your cooking or purchase them in capsules either from me, online, or at the health food store.

1. Cayenne – sprinkle on your food or add to a glass of apple cider vinegar with a little honey. Or purchase capsules and take one per day. Good for the heart, circulation, immunity, coughs, colds, flu, and overall lung health. Breaks up mucus anywhere in the system: veins, colon, lungs, etc.

2. Garlic – use it in cooking or buy the capsules that have the smell taken out of them. Great for immunity! One of the easiest ways to boost immunity. Take one capsule per day. Or add crushed garlic to apple cider vinegar, with honey and cayenne to a drink to get rid of a cold. Eat olives stuffed wth garlic like they do in Greece.

3. Turmeric – this yellow Indian spice can be added to anything. If you take a few capsules per day it helps with memory, brain fog, inflammation, candida, arthritis, leaky gut syndrome, painful joints, fibroids, cysts, or swelling anywhere in the body.

If you would like to know more about herbs – both Western and Chinese – feel free to utilized my 30+ years of experience and shoot me an email or schedule a phone or in office appointment to go over the right herbs and supplements for your body and blood type.

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3 Essential Herbs for Health and Wellness
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