Why I Love Homeopathy
Why am I in love with Homeopathy! heart
First and foremost, let me be clear: Homeopathy is NOT the same thing as Herbs or other natural supplements you may commonly think of.

In Fact, Homeopathy IS the use of little white “sugar” pills that come in those little blue tubes you may have seen at the health food store in the nutrition isle…… And they dissolve in your mouth and taste very sweet (which is why kids love them.)wink

Now then, having cleared that up, here are just a few of the many reasons I professionally love homeopathy.

NOTE: This is besides all my personal reasons – which you will have to ask me about privately….. because, well, “hello, they are personal!.”

But as a doctor here is a list of some of my most interesting reasons and healings from my patients:

Ipicac: It stopped morning sickness in a pregnant patient who had become severely dehydrated.

Arnica: It stopped swelling and pain in a teenage athlete who sprained her ankle.

Nux vomica: It stopped a hangover in my male patient who drank too much the night before and was chronically irritable and complaining.

Lycopodium: It saved a marriage where the man had been verbally abusive with his wife.

Sepia: It saved another marriage where the wife had no sex drive.

Sepia: It kept a female patient from being arrested for beginning abusive to her children due to her post-partum depression.

Pulsatilla: It started contractions in childbirth so the woman didn’t need an otherwise scheduled cesarian section.

Thuja: It got rid of venereal warts and HPV so the woman avoided cryo-surgery.

Lachesis: It helped to get rid of a rather large urterine fibrid so my patient avoided surgery.

Iodum: It helped to cure a thyroid lump and Hashimotos Disease in a hyperactive, very nervous and impatient female patient.

Symphytum: Healed a cesarian section scar on her belly post pregnancy. And in another woman, it healed a perineum rip occuring during childbirth.

Calendula: It healed a skin infection/bed sore in an elderly bed-ridden male patient.

Phosphorus: It got rid of a nasty bronchial infection accompanied by non-stop deep bronchial coughing.

Calc phos: It got rid of growing pains in the legs of a female teen jogger.

Chocolate: It got rid of a devastating/non-stop craving for chocolate leading to severe weight gain.

Arnica: It spead recovery after a breast reconstruction surgery.

Sabadilla: It got rid of incessant sneezing in a female allergy sufferer.

Sabal: It helped to shrink an enlarged prostate in a male patient.

Hepar sulph: It cured a severe strep throat infection in my secretary.

Natrum muriaticum: It helped a male patient recover who had been struggling with a cripping 10-year long grief from the breakup with his high school girlfriend.

Influenzinum: It prevented several children from getting the flu when all their school mates were home sick and with fevers.

Ignatia: It helped my close friend sleep after her understandable severe grief from having to put her cat to rest.

Apis mel: It got rid of a severe reaction to a wasp sting I had while on vacation.

Sanguinaria: It stopped a severe migraine headache in a female patient who was dealing with stress at work.

Kali phos: It reduced high blood pressure when my patient was trying to withdraw from the prescription medications her doctor had prescribed.

Mercurius sol: It cured a severe right sided sore throat in a patient who preferred to try not taking antibiotics and couldn’t afford to miss work.

Equisetum: It put an end to a chronic bladder infection that antibiotics had stopped working on.

Euphrasia: It stopped the red eye infection in a little boy who kept rubbing his eyes and was sent home from school.

Medorrhinum: It cured ADHD (attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder) in an otherwise sweet little boy who couldn’t stop violently hitting and throwing things at his little sister.

Nux vomica: It cured the craving for alcohol in a young woman who couldn’t otherwise stop drinking and was ruining her life.

Graphites: It ended hot flashes in a middle-age woman going through menopause who didn’t want to take artificial hormones.

Magnesium phos: It ended muscle spasms in the neck and back that kept a female athlete awake at night. And in another patient, it ended her restless leg syndrome which also kept her awake at night.

Want more reasons? Are you interested in how homeopathy may help you?

Read my Second Book “No Mud No Lotus” (Link Below).

It’s filled with loads of similar cases of patient’s who used homeopathy very successfully!

Why I Love Homeopathy!
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