What Is Homeopathy Used For?
by Dr. Randy Martin, OMD, LAc, CCH, QME, PhD, MUP
Doctor of Chinese Medicine – Certified Classical Homeopath

As you probably already know – homeopathy is used for everything

Some of the things I’ve seen patients for in the past few weeks who are using a homeopathic remedy are the following:

*Fatigue and low thyroid
*Sinus infections – repeated over and over
*Neck and upper back pain from working on the computer, or picking up babies
*Tail Bone pain
*Nervous tics and Obsessive Compulsive issues
*Weight Loss
*Binging and Purging – eating disorder
*Depression – life not going anywhere
*Waking up with pain in neck and shoulder
*Pain in finger joints – arthritis
*Pain in lower back, buttocks, and down the leg
*Knee pain due to bone spur and bicycling
*Heel Pain
*Gastric upset, nausea, stomach flu
*Strep throat
*Indecision over major life issues
*Chronic migraine headaches
*Grief over the loss of a pet
*Toddler with developmental problems
*Child with Attention problems
*Terrible two’s in a small child – yelling and screaming
*Bed wetting

And these are just a few of the things homeopathy works for.

Also, I want to share with you a great article for the use of homeopathy in radiation poisoning:

Homeopathy for Radiation Poisoning

What Is Homeopathy Used For?
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