Screaming and Defiant Children:
Holistic Treatments

Q. Is There An Alternative and Holistic Treatment for Difficult and Defiant Children?

A. Yes, most definitely!

First, let me assure you that we don’t have to do acupuncture on little kids. Instead of acupuncture, we use classical homeopathic medicine.

Q. What is Homeopathic Medicine, You may be Asking?

A. It’s the use of the little white sugar pills. Kids love them. You just suck on them. They think of them as candy so it’s never hard to get them to take their medicine.

Q. Which Medicines Do You Use for Kids?

A. It really depends on the child and their particular behavioral problems. Also, I’ll take into consideration any physical problems, like allergies, strept throats, digestive problems, or skin problems.

Here is a small sample of the homeopathic remedies I might use for your kids:

1. Calc carb: for this one, they may have constipation, have a stubborn personality, may crave eggs, and may have asthma or other bronchial problems. Ear infections, stomach pains, and sprained ankles are other common indications.

2. Tarentula: the child who needs this homeopathic remedy may be hyperactive, and jump around a lot. Defiant and talking back to his or her parents. Intense, excited and restless. Obstinate and disobedient. They may have trouble sleeping.

3. Tuberculinum: this child will have an inner discontentment. They may have an artistic aspect to their personality. They may have frequent ear or respiratory infections. Attention deficit disorder is common with hyperactivity. The child may have violent tendencies, hitting other children, shouting or throwing things. There may be autism or retardation. This child may have compulsive behaviors, and fear cats or dogs, or have allergies to pets.

4. Baryta carb: the child who needs this homeopathic remedy may be slow to develop, slow to walk, or slow to talk. Autism spectrum is common. They will lack self-confidence and need a lot of reassurance. They may fear people and suffer being laughed at, and have dificulty with school work. May bite his or her nails. Chronic swollen tonsils.

These are just a few of the many homeopathic remedies that may be successfully used for infants, todlers, and children. It’s important that I take the complete case of the child, including all the behavioral traits and physical history from birth. And in some cases it will also depend on the family history of illness, since genetics plays a big role in health.

Anyone who has used homeopathy knows how amazing it is for healing both the mind and body. I urge you if you have any health problem, whether it’s emotional or physical, to give it a try. You won’t be sorry.

Using Classical Homeopathy for Behavioral Problems
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