Liver Detox and Cleansing by Dr. Randy Martin, OMD


Over the years I’ve written a lot about the Liver and Liver detoxification. Listening to a well-known “Radio Doctor” today, he was trying to debunk the “myth” of liver detox, stating that it didn’t really do anything and that there is nothing to detox.


But for anyone who has ever done a Liver Detox, I”m sure you’d agree with how much better you felt afterwards. Also, you could check blood readings, and I”m certain you would see a difference in the Liver panel scores.


During my recent week-long spiritual/emotional release work retreat in the Arizona desert with Brugh Joy (,) one of the participants asked me for advice on how to do a Liver Cleanse and Detox. So I thought I would distill down a few invaluable hints for those of you who are also interested in this subject.


First of all, it’s generally and traditionally thought that the best times to do a Liver Cleanse or Detox are in the Fall and Spring. The Winter months are thought to be a time to build the system up and provide the necessary Fire for the colder season. But because most of us live in Southern California, where the weather is moderate all year round, it won’t hurt for you to do a rather mild Liver Cleanse. Use your intuition, but don’e go overboard. It’s all a matter of degree. (If you live in the colder climates, please be careful in any detoxification, because the body needs “fuel” during the colder months, in order to function well.”)


The best way to detox the liver is through diet. Avoid the following foods:


~greasy, fatty or deep-fried foods

~diary products made from cow’s milk

~sugar and sweatened foods

~refined carbohydrates such as white flour products

~sweets of any type

~the less gluten the better

~eliminate or restrict cold or frozen foods


Emphasize the following foods:


~yellow, orange and green colored vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables (all cooked)

~lean meats, any fish, (but no shell-fish), or chicken and turkey

~legumes (lentils, and any beans)

~whole grains (brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, oats)

~whole grain barley is a wonderful grain, especially job’s tears barely, for those of you for whom gluten does not cause mucus and congetsion


Some basic eating principles for Liver Detox:


~start the day, end the day and during the meal, drink a cup of hot water with lemon or lime juice

~eat only when hungry

~leave the table hungry

~never over eat

~don’t fast, as it will lead to the inevitable binging, unless you know how to do a fast and how to break a fast, and you are not working or under stress at the time

~supplement throughout the day with vegetable juices and your vitamins

~limit your fruit intake to 2 pieces of fruit per day and eat it separtately

~drink plenty of water or hot tea all day long


Some supplements to consider:


~Colonic Cleanse (from Vitality Products)

~Chinese detox herbs such as Free and Easy Wanderer or Minor Bupluerum Formula

~Detoxification 2 phase (from my office)

~Digestive Enzymes


~Homeopathic Nux vomica 12 C – but only if you are not on a constitutional homeopathic (and remember to follow all your homeopathic rules)


If you begin to feel faint or have any other symptoms, stop your detox and consult a health practitioner. Do not undertake a detox or cleansing on your own if your system is not doing well to begin with, or you have any serious blood-sugar problems, or you tend to have anxiety or depression, unless under the supervision of a health practitioner. Do not stop taking any of your Western pharmaceutical prescribed medications without the supervision and full knowledge of your doctor.


If you are able to do some deep emotional release work at the same time as you are doing your Liver Cleansing, the process will be twice as valuable. This is because the Liver is in charge of anger, resentment and the free flow of energy. Your digestion and immunity should improve more quickly if you also do the emotional release work, and any headaches you have should also stop. Allergies should also be expected to improve and any PMS symptoms should lesson.


(Note: all products discussed in this article are available from my office.)


Best of luck should you decide to try the Liver Cleanse.

Tips for a Simple Liver Detox Diet by Dr. Martin
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